Areas underneath faucet fixtures, or even objects such as a toothbrush holder, may turn yellow if these areas have not been exposed to air for long periods of time. Remove the cloths, and rinse the solution away with a soft and clean, damp cloth. Once again, create a cleaning solution. with no change. Allow the cultured marble to sit in the tub for no more than an hour before you remove it. Do you think the Polident/Alka Seltzer procedure you describe above would help in my situation? A gel coat designed for cultured marble, available at hardware or home-improvement stores, helps protect the surface from further damage if the original protective coating is somewhat worn. Check out Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill today! If you would like to add an image to Would you like your lawn to look as beautiful as a golf course? Pour the cleaning mixture onto the cloths and then allow it to sit for about an hour. Contact him today for all of your writing and editing needs! The seller advises nothing can be done - no cleaning solution can help. How to Remove Fingerprints From Black Furniture, How to Finish Sheetrock After Peeling Off the Wallpaper, Countertop Specialty: Restoring a Cultured Marble Vanity Top, David Pinsley General Contractor: Why to Use Cultured Marble Products, Cultured Marble Guru: Cultured Marble General Questions, How to Remove Scratches From a Polished Chrome Faucet, How to Achieve a Speckled Finish on Cabinets, How to Repair Porcelain on Kitchen Ranges, How to Remove the Spout From a 174 Delta Kitchen Faucet. Why Does Your Hot Tub Foam When the Jets Turn On? He said this happens to cultured marble areas that are NOT exposed to light and I would need to replace the item! Repeat the process as necessary until the yellowed cultured marble has been fully restored. (gif, jpeg or png only, 5MB maximum file size), Notify me about new comments ONLY FOR THIS TIP, Notify me about new comments ANYWHERE ON THIS SITE. Rinse the area immediately afterwards. All images are subject to © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. by Lee Wyatt (last updated November 27, 2017). Cultured marble may yellow over time for various reasons. As such, chances are really good that if you don't ... Marble countertops are a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Please send any advice. Cultured marble, a less expensive option than solid, natural marble, is a product made by combining marble dust with a polyester resin. Kathy Adams is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer who traveled the world handling numerous duties for music artists. This time, instead of a plastic dish, use a plastic tub that is large enough to hold the marble item. Maximum image size is 6Mpixels. If the gel coating has worn down a bit, the coating and cultured marble may become stained. Cleaning smaller cultured marble items, such as statues, isn't that difficult. Do you have any suggstions? Click here to contact. old. Keep in mind one little fact though, the method described here is ideally suited for smaller cultured marble objects. Copyright © 2020 Sharon Parq Associates, Inc. They managed to vacuum all the water and started to assess the damages. If the gel coating has worn down a bit, the coating and cultured marble may become stained. Inspect to see if it still needs to be cleaned; if so, repeat as necessary until it has been completely restored.