Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - No-one knows his real name or his date of birth and death. He was an English military in the Hundred Years War, Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - Erik the Red was a famous Viking who is today remembered for colonizing Greenland and being the father of the great Viking explorer Leif, David Tee - AncientPages.com - History has a way of not being kind to individuals. It could be Bilbo or Barack, for all we know.". A. Sutherland - AncientPages.com - On 9th April 1483, King Edward IV died suddenly. After Megaris, the main story missions will lead you into Phokis. How long do most species last before going extinct? January 12–23, 2019 – Join our team of researchers and explorers as we examine the evidence and discuss the remarkable indications of what is possibly the world’s greatest secret – that a highly advanced civilization with superior intelligence and capabilities once inhabited our planet tens of thousands of years ago. Unless something is made clear at some point down the line it’s going to continue to bug me. The earlier interpretation was that this stood for "Bet," which means "house" in Hebrew. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Ancient Origins articles related to Snake Kings in the sections of history, archaeology, human origins, unexplained, artifacts, ancient places and myths and legends. Our operations began nearly a decade ago as a way to facilitate my longterm research into megalithic sites and ancient wisdom. 3) Tomb of Tityos - Valley of the Snake Receive news and offers from our other brands? Look for a giant statue lying on its back with an equally giant vulture on its chest. There was a problem. As negotiations dragged on, one Westerner was able to get a paper rubbing of the Mesha Stele; that paper was torn during an ensuing fight, according to a 1994 report in the journal Biblical Archaeology Review. History Of Jarlshof – Thousands Of Years Of History With Traces Of Picts, Vikings And Scots, Incredible Ancient Machines Invented By Hero Of Alexandria – An Engineer Far Ahead Of His Time, Queen Nefertari – Favorite Wife Of Ramses II The Great And Her Lavishly Decorated Tomb In The Valley Of The Queens, Anne Neville – The Dramatical Story Of The White Queen, Queen Dido Of Carthage: Founder Of Prosperous City On Africa’s Northern Coast, Gordian Knot And How Alexander The Great Managed To Outmaneuver The Problem, ‘Little Caesar’: Forgotten ‘King Of Kings’ Who Died Very Young, Infamous End Of Lugalzagesi – Ambitious King Who United Sumer, Francis Drake, Queen’s Pirate And One Of The Founders Of English Naval Force, Lengyel Culture Of Neolithic Europe Was Amazingly Sophisticated. (Page of tag Snake Kings) Some doubt he existed, A. Sutherland - AncientPages.com - The Romans were skilled builders and throughout their vast empire, we find their impressive, huge, and long-lasting structures. But the study's researchers recommend that people take this finding "with due caution," and other biblical experts agree. One is at the Tomb of Tityos in the east/ right side of Phokis. Thank you for signing up to Live Science. We are today so used to the name that we hardly think about how the Vatican. The origins snake was a vision and was interpreted as such, but this is an actual physical skeleton. Moreover, the Bible places King Balak about 200 years before this tablet was created, so the timing doesn't make sense, Hendel said. It is concise and to the point, with many maps and photos." We take a closer look at some great historical personalities and events world-wide. Polycarp Of Smyrna: Burned At The Stake And Pierced With A Dagger, Vercingetorix: Greatest Of All Gallic Leaders And Hero Of The French People, John Hawkwood ‘John Sharp’: Feared, English Mercenary And His White Company In 14th Century Italy, Erik The Red: Famous Viking Outlaw Who Colonized Greenland And Was Father Of Leif Erikson. So, the Bedouins smashed the Mesha Stele into pieces by heating it up and pouring cold water on it. Legend Of Marguerite de Bressieux: Brave Noblewoman Who Sought Revenge For Sexual Assault. [Photos: Biblical-Era Fortress Discovered in Israel]. Snakes are one of the most popular and feared symbols of ancient civilizations. He was a militant leader who courageously challenged Julius Caesar. The 34 lines on the Mesha Stele describe how King Mesha of Moab triumphed over the Israelites. "And of course, we wished to check the validity of the reading 'House of David,' suggested for this line in the past," said study co-researcher Israel Finkelstein, a professor emeritus at the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University in Israel. When Westerners became aware of the tablet in the 1860s, several people tried to buy it from the Bedouins, who owned the stone. Thank You. Solitude Tower – Grand Mount Parnassos – Far east of the area, west of the City of Orchomenos. Ancient Inca Snake Temple In The Sacred Valley Of Peru Near the small town of Calca in the Sacred Valley of Peru there is a seldom visited ancient Inca temple dedicated to purification by water. Powerful kings, queens, rulers, warriors and great battles have shaped our world. Mystery Of Feodor Kuzmich – Did Tsar Alexander I Fake His Death? His two sons were Edward V (aged 12) and Richard (aged 9) of Shrewsbury, A. Sutherland - AncientPages.com - Knights Templar are surrounded by secrets and legends. Brien's popular Youtube channel contains more than 850 videos related to hidden history and megalithic sites. Leave the guesswork to us, so that you can focus on building your business. "It also shows that the question of historicity in the Bible cannot be answered in a simplistic 'yes' or 'no' answer.". Prometheus and the Birth of Humankind Near the center of Phokis is the first location with an Ancient Tablet. The first one is in the southwestern corner, at the Temple of Athena Itonia, overlooking the sea. Queen Nefertari – Favorite Wife Of Ramses II The Great And Her Lavishly Decorated Tomb In The Valley Of The Queens. La Malinche – Greatest Traitor Or A Victim Of Hideous Circumstances? Cnut The Great – England’s Danish King And Ruler Of One Of The Largest Nordic Empires, Controversial Roman Emperor Heliogabalus Wanted To Be A Woman And Much More, Old Royal Crime – Dark Riddle Of Young Princes In The Tower Of London, Knights Templar – Among The Most Wealthy And Powerful Of The Western Christian Military Orders, Mighty Viking Harald Hardrada -The Last Great Viking And Most Feared Warrior Of His Time. His entire life is shrouded in mystery. At the royal courts and in the. It’s a strange archeological site with a Captain, seven Cultist Guards, two chests, and a cache of Ancient Tablets to collect. They were a powerful, wealthy medieval organization that has fascinated historians, writers and the public for, Ellen Lloyd - AncientPages.com - Ragnar Lobrok, Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Erik the Red, Eric “Bloodaxe” Haraldsson – we associate all those names with courageous and fearsome Viking, Ellen Lloyd -  AncientPages.com - The Vatican is a symbol of Christianity. In the fall of 2018, the France Secondary School (College de France) had an exhibit on the Mesha Stele, showing a high-resolution, well-lit image of the rubbing. The justBernard Show – September 12, 2011, Truenorth On Freethinkradio.com – June 3, 2011, Enigmatic Tiwanaku And Puma Punku Bolivia. A group of nine Indus Valley copper plates (c. 2600–2000 BC), discovered in a private collection in Pakistan, represent a new and not previously described artifacts from the region and are worth studying. The tablet in question is known as the Mesha Stele, an inscribed 3-foot-tall (1 meter) black basalt stone that dates to the second half of the ninth century B.C. You can believe it or not. Enter your email below to start receiving our updates: Please use the form below if you have any questions and/or comments about our tours, services, and information. We will contact you as soon as possible. April 6th – 18th, 2019 – Join Khemitologists, Researchers, and Explorers as they examine the evidence and discuss the remarkable indications of what is possibly the world’s greatest secret. Why Was Pharaoh Khafre Almost Wiped Out From Historical Records? As an introduction to our research you will receive a free download link for Brien's book on Inca history: "This book is an introduction to Inca history.