Well, despite the negative connotations of the term “bird brain,” it turns out that birds can be resolute foes in the battle to keep your boat clean. It is UV stable and rust-proof to keep pest birds off your boat for years to come. – Bird Barriers Bird-Flight: 5-inch metal spikes mounted to a narrow polycarbonate base. – WhirlyBird Repeller: clear plastic jug-shaped device that rotates around a central PVC mounting post with the wind. https://www.amazon.com/bird-deterrent-boats/s?k=bird+deterrent+for+boats Spaced properly, these devices should adequately protect a foredeck space, a cabintop, or a cockpit, as well as a boom or canopy, but our testers found no easy application for using them in a rig. I use a Davis shiny gold radar reflector (cardboard one) suspended from my boom right over the cockpit. Another might protect your deck, but not your lifelines or your rigging. SeaSense Tidy Boat Bird Deterrent 3.1 out of 5 stars 5. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. November 14, … We spaced them out in an equitable fashion, grouping like products. The three spider-like devices performed similarly.Practical Sailor testers regularly found deposits of bird poo near the outer periphery of each. – Bird Barriers Daddi Long Legs: 12 thin, stainless rods mounted on a rotating Delrin base (comes with adhesive neoprene gasket and optional sandbag base); rods have weighted tips. One Bird-X product that we received did not fit the test platform, so it wasnt tested. – Bird-B-Gones Bird Spider: 12 stainless rods protrude from a central polycarbonate base (in 4- or 8-foot diameters). The primary objective of Gullsweep® is to make gulls uncomfortable so they will select another roosting sight. Further, birds feeding will very likely attract other birds, compounding the problem. The sections of Irri-Tape that we had tied to a folded bimini were gone in less than a month. Bird Repellent Discs - Scare Birds Away 48pcs Bird Scarer Eyes Double Sided Keep Birds Away Disks - Keep Birds Woodpecker Pigeon Away from Repellent Disks. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Though there are only a handful of manufacturers making such devices in the U.S., there are dozens of products marketed as bird deterrents. Visit the website at SHUUBIRD.COM and review the devise for sail and power boats that has a 95% success rate in New England, Florida, California, the Bahamas, and Australia. Why so much fuss about a little poo you might ask? Gulls, cormorants, pelicans and pigeons commonly use boats to land on. 303 Products 30674 Marine & Recreation Fabric Guard - 1 Gallon 4.6 out of 5 stars 964. 3 Pack- Scare Birds Away - Hanging Spiral Bird Deterrent - Bird Scare Repellent Tape Alternative, YOFIT Solar Bird Scarecrow Fake Horned Owl Decoy, Bird Repellent Garden Protectors, Natural Enemy Pest Deterrent Scarecrow, Bird-X Coyote 3-D Predator Replica Visual Scare for Bird and Pest Control, Bird-X Sonic Bird Repellent - Humane & Effective. The masts and spreaders, canvas covers, radars, and railings on boats provide perfect waterside perches for birds. Daddi Long Legs is the most popular among boat owners. There's a problem loading this menu right now. 00 ($68.00/Count) FREE Shipping. Stops Damage, Roosting, and Mess (125ft Roll), Bird B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent, SUNPRO 12Pcs/12Inch Bird Repellent Wind Twisting Reflective Scare Rods (12, 12inch), XPCARE Bird Repellent Scare Tape - 150ft x 2in Holographic Bird Scare Ribbon, Double Side Bird Deterrent-150Ft, Dalen Owl Scarecrow – Solar Powered Owl with Rotating Head – Realistic Owl Scarecrow – Efficient Birds and Rodent Deterrent Action Owl – Beautiful Garden Decoration – Secondary Wind Power – 18-inch, cainda Horrible Predator Eye to Scare Birds Away, Birds Deterrent Hanging Devices, Keep Birds Away from Your Barns Garden Windows Warehouse (5 Pack), Bird Blinder Stainless Steel Bird Spikes for Pigeons and Other Small Birds – Industrial 4" Wide Design Contains no Plastic - (11 Foot Coverage), Premium Quality Bird Deterrent Reflective Scare Tape Ribbon 350 ft Long – Pest Control Dual-sided Repellent For Pigeons, Grackles, Woodpeckers, Geese, Herons, Blackbirds & More – Sturdy & Ultra Strong, Owl Decoy Rotating Head Owl,Natural Enemy Scarecrow Deterrent Crow Bird Control Repellents, BirdBusters Dead Seagull Deterrent Scare Away Gulls - Bird Deterrent. As. All this is not perfect but helps. The inventor explained that this was a result of grit clogging the Delrin bearing and suggested rinsing it with fresh water regularly to keep this from happening. Bird droppings can stain canvas covers and other surfaces and can be difficult to clean. Though sailboat owners face much less devastating consequences, our interaction with the avian community is nonetheless problematic. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Bird Repellent at the official West Marine online store. During the time that they were on station, both the Scare Eye and the Terror Eyes appear to have succeeded in deterring birds from sullying their areas. Practical Sailor Value Guide: Bird Deterrents. (We recommend the use of packaging tape.) All rights reserved. Bird-B-Gone-360-Repellent. – Bird Xs Prowler Owl: a life-size replica of a great horned owl that mounts on a pole. The arm rotates around a central stainless pin when the wind blows. Designed to rustle in the wind, the tape did just that, but tore at the knots and fluttered away. Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Rods - Ornamental Spiral Deterrent Control Device with Bonus Replacement String- (15 inch) (8 Pack), In the Breeze Silver Holographic Mylar Windsock Hanging Decoration - Decorative and Humane Bird and Pest Deterrent, PREDATORGUARD Bird Repellent Reflective Scare Tape - Huge 150 Foot roll - thickest, Longest Lasting and Most Trusted - Pest Deterrent Control, Chephon Bird Repellent Spiral Reflectors with Reflective Scare Discs - Decorative Bird Deterrent Device to Scare Birds Away Like Woodpeckers, Pigeons and Geese - 3 Pack with Free Hooks, Bird Spikes for Pigeon Small Bird, 16Feet/15 Strips Uninstalled Pigeon Spikes Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spikes, Anti Bird Repellent Spikes, Galashield Owl Decoy to Scare Birds Away Scarecrow Fake Owl with Rotating Head, Star Brite Spider and Bird Stain Remover (22-Ounce), Bird Repellent Discs - Scare Birds Away 48pcs Bird Scarer Eyes Double Sided Keep Birds Away Disks - Keep Birds Woodpecker Pigeon Away from Repellent Disks, Chephon Bird Repellent Scare Rods with Reflective Deterrent Discs - Upgraded Bird Deterrent Spinner Device of Twisting Rods and Repellent Disks to Keep Birds Away Like Woodpecker and Pigeon - 6 Pack, Bird-X Prowler Fake Owl Decoy with Moving Wings - Realistic Bird Scare, Hawk, Pigeon, and Squirrel Repellent, Pest Deterrent, Yard and Garden Ornaments, Bird B Gone MMBS600 Bird Spider Repellant, 6-Feet, Bird-X Scare-Eye Bird Repellent Predator Eyes Balloons, Pack of 3, Bird B Gone MMSEB Balloon Bird Repellant, 20" D, Bright Yellow, De-bird Scare Tape - Reflective Tape Outdoor to Keep Away Woodpecker, Pigeon, Grackles, and More. You have entered an incorrect email address! Gulls, cormorants, pelicans and pigeons commonly use boats to land on. It makes a small amount of noise when rotating, and the holographic tape on its central post refracts through the clear plastic. SEAGULL DETERRENTS FOR BOATS & SAILBOATS StopGull designs and manufactures products to deter the landing of gulls, cormorants and shorebirds on yachts and port facilities. We conducted our test at Sunset Cay Marina near Charleston, S.C. The manager verified that gulls and pelicans are the most frequent nuisance for his customers, but he also told us that other birds frequent the docks and boats there. Scaregull, Humane Seagull and Bird Scarer. After 10 weeks on station, the device blew off its pole mount during a storm and was never found. On two occasions, several of the rod arms on Fly Byes Bird Umbrella were found tangled, causing them to be less effective as they projected over a smaller area. Bird repellents fit into four basic categories: acoustical repellents, visual repellents, biochemical repellents, and those that use physical exclusion. Several mounting options are possible, and the device works on any angle as well as in low-light conditions. Youll want to lubricate them regularly to avoid rust build-up. It is customary for bird deterrent marketers to make claims about the amount of space protected by their devices. Gullsweep® - Bird Control for Boats Gullsweep® has been used around the world (for more than 40 years) to ward off flying critters that love to roost & mess on one's boat. The deterrent on his boat is a bird-like kite (see photograph above). 4.5 out of 5 stars 17. The StopGull products, break the entry protocol of birds to avoid its landing on the boats, creating mistrust to the birds and keep them away, without harm of them. You missed the newest and most productive bird deterrent for boats, on the market. The X-peller Pro, a 110-volt electronic device, emits sound to deter birds and retails for $239. There are a variety of products that can protect your boat. Though the performances of the spider devices were similar, we deemed Bird Barriers Daddi Long Legs the best of the three because its base allows the device to rotate, the weighted ends of the rod arms accentuate any motion, and it can be mounted on decks, biminis, booms, or rails. On our final visit, the WhirlyBird was missing the bearing and rotated infrequently. Adjacent boats are sometimes covered in poop and my boat has only one or two spots. Within each basic category is a variety of product styles, and theres good reason for this. Bird-B-Gone Spider 360. But the approach seems promising for boats kept at a dock where access to power isnt an issue. Gullsweep® by its very unique nature creates the … So, whats the solution? elements, a rivet on its left wing broke, leaving the owl asymmetrical, but still moving in the wind. The “Shuubird”. The “Shuubird”. Without question, this is the most economical approach. When U.S. Airways flight 1549 ran into a flock of birds in January 2009 and pilot Chelsey Sullenberger famously crash-landed the Airbus A320 into New Yorks Hudson River, the issue of bird and human interaction became front-page news. buy Daddi Long Legs products It comes with metal wire mounts. Visit SHUUBIRD.COM and scroll “MORE” for deployments. Bird-B-Gones solar-powered Bird Repeller was impressive because it continued to rotate throughout six months, but be advised that the extendable antennae are prone to rust. Experts assert that birds adjust quickly to uniform movements or noise patterns, so visual and aural devices will affect them only temporarily. Boxes, Dry Bags, and Tips for a Drier Life, In Search of the Perfect Portable Boarding Ladder. Bird Deterrents for Sailboats. I have been reasonably successful in keeping birds off my boom canvas after installing a stern arch with solar panels…now all I have to do is find out how to keep them off the solar panels without disturbing the charging. – Fly Byes Bird Umbrella: Fourteen 24-inch, stainless-steel rods extend from a flat stainless base, which mounts with screws or can be tied down. Visit the website at SHUUBIRD.COM and review the devise for sail and power boats that has a 95% success rate in New England, Florida, California, the Bahamas, and Australia. What is the Best Keel for A Shoal Draft Boat? With some new products on the market, Practical Sailor set out to conduct a test of different bird repellents to determine which methods prove most effective for keeping these fouling fowl off boats. I have been using a single monofilament line from my bow eye to the highest point on my mast that I can reach to my davit in the rear and I am always amazed that the birds stay off the boat. Many experts on the topic agree that bird deterrence is most effective when different methods are used in combination. I use a fake rattle snake on top of the cabin entrance and a tightly strung “bird line” over the top of my boom canvas to keep the small blackbirds from lining up on the canvass. Spikes are 5 inches long; panels come in 1-foot lengths and span 3 or 6 inches.