2.5 / round that's $5 PER TRADE plus volume 2. 3. I waited 20 long days, for the withdrawal, I asked them what's going on?? DO NOT deal with them. This simply means that the broker is lying and fraudulently misrepresenting their business. Horrible exit executions. However, in America, it is required that stock brokers charge zero commission while providing top-of-the food chain trading platform, software and outstanding support where actual people pick up phone calls from their clients. The offshore island is so small and that means their population is equally small. The local “officials” have even been accused of rigging the national lottery in a selfish bid to help family and friends. While a website called Warrior Trading is actually endorsing Capital Markets Elite Group in a review, we have a contrary opinion which is also based on factual evidence. I really do not like to be writing because there are things that happen in life. It is so close that one can just float on a small boat from Venezuela to the office of this brokerage. I've settled with $95.70. The customer service is an absolute joke. Even though you can NOT trade options for example. Our job is to write truthful reviews that favor honest vendors of good trading products while exposing fraudulent vendors who are in this to rip off traders. But CMEG as a brokerage is an absolute failure on the part of services. However, their customer service is pathetic. We tried calling every day and eventually someone picked the phone. The about us page of this company does not even disclose the person in charge. It should be noted that the physical address is also where a business named Global Financial Traders is located at. The software from Sterling is decent. Global Financial Traders offers “get-rich-quick” day trading course on penny stocks. Literally speaking, this means that CMEG does not want US-based investors to adhere to the PDT rule. Yet we find no evidence that the stock broker’s investors are covered by any insurance. Qute disappointed. Exchange fees for clearing and trading CME Group products vary according to whether the customer has membership or incentive program participant status for the respective CME, CBOT or NYMEX/COMEX Exchange. Our CMEG review seeks to know and shame the owner of this company for openly breaking the law. If you have less or are not willing to invest a lot of money upfront, the best thing you can do is trade Forex with these highly recommended trading tools. Exactly 80. Am highly doubting them and I might not even proceed with them. Am doubting their service. Trinidad and Tobago is a small island situated in the Northern show of Venezuela. They said, oops, No Swift code for the withdrawal, I told them the Swift code, even though I asked them to do a wire, which is cheaper. For instance, when you enter a trade, they charge $3.95.