When done cooking, open the pack and finish the steak directly on the grill for a couple of minutes to brown. They’re perfect for holidays like Labor Day! Have you tried our foil pack shrimp? paprika, 1 tsp. It’s a super simple recipe to change up, whether you want to make steak and shrimp foil packets in the oven, or grill foil packs with steak and veggies like potatoes or corn. We are so glad you enjoyed the recipe! You have an easy-peasy meal with amazing flavor. It’s one of the best easy grilling ideas ever, with perfectly cooked, tender steak and so much flavor. It’s essentially a steak and potatoes recipe but cooked together in foil with peppers, onions, olive oil, and seasoning. 2 Large Red Potatoes or 2 Medium Yukon Gold Potatoes. Dice 1 lb. , and We're are Nashville-based lifestyle influencers & mother-daughter. Set the foil packet on a baking sheet and place it in the oven. To make the garlic herb butter: In a small bowl add the butter, parsley, garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt … All Rights Reserved. Easy Steak Peppers and Onions Foil Packets. Not only are they super simple to make, but it’s easy to get so much flavor in a foil packet meal. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, You can make these ahead, but I wouldn’t do too far ahead of time because the potatoes will start turning brown (oxidizing). Try serving it with a shrimp foil pack for an easy surf and turf recipe or cook your potatoes separately, as in our foil pack potatoes recipe. We used Ribeyes, Yukon Gold potatoes, and Brussels sprouts for our garlic steak and potatoes foil packs. Seal foil completely over round steak, all around the edges too. Hi! Steak foil pack is an easy meal with minimal clean up! Privacy Policy Close up the foil, place on a baking sheet, and bake the foil packs for 20 minutes in a 425 degree oven. Privacy Policy. It should not be Read more: How to Cook a Tender Steak on the Stove. Another USDA article, titled "Beef from Farm to Table," has a few safe storage tips, such as purchasing the product before the expiration date, keeping the beef in the package until using and following handling recommendations on the package. Take a look at some of our burger summer grilling recipes, too! You just want to fold the opposite sides towards each other and roll the edges to create a seal. You’re all set to grill or put your pack in the oven! Add the mushrooms, onions, and potatoes to a large bowl. Cut Brussels sprouts in half and split evenly into each of the four foil squares. If you're a health-conscious eater, Mayo Clinic recommends choosing cuts that are graded either "Choice" or "Select" because they have less fat. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM In the oven: Bake the steak foil packets at 425°F for around 25-30 minutes, or until done to your liking. If you’re using non-stick tin foil, you can use either the shiny or dull side. You can season the steak ahead of time and seal in a zip-top bag in the fridge. Follow the directions above until you reach the part where you cook the steak foil packets. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Make any cut of steak tender following our guide on How to Tenderize Steak. Terms of Use Boiling pot for partially cooking potatoes or bowl to microwave potatoes. Prime, which you'll generally find in upscale restaurants, has a fairly large amount of marbling — the amount of fat mixed with the lean meat. Use an Instant Read Thermometer to check for doneness. each salt and pepper, and 2... Cut foil squares … The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. Everyone has their favorites, but we like: We love that you can have fun with the sides based on what the family likes. Cook longer until desired doneness on steak. Cooking steak and potatoes in the oven is a great idea because you can cook a complete meal at the same time with minimal cleanup. Your email address will not be published. There are several steak in the oven with foil combinations you can try: garlic steak and potatoes in foil, mushroom foil packet in the oven. It's best to wait at least three minutes before cutting into the meat and consuming. Seal up the foil packs and cook on the grill for 10 minutes. And that’s a great tip – thank you for sharing. Claudia is an expert at intuitive eating, nutrition science, and removing diets from your life. For those nights when you need a quick and easy dinner recipe, oven foil packs are a perfect choice. You can add whatever you would like to these easy foil packets. This recipe was quite good, but I skipped the step of pre cooking the potatoes and just added them straight to the foil pack at the begining and they were cooked just fine. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse A yummy dinner of steak and potatoes that the family will love can’t get much easier than this 20-30 minute steak and potato foil packets in oven!! You can measure temperature with a food thermometer before removing the food from its heat source, says USDA. Site Credits.Branding by Melissa Rose Design.Development by Once Coupled. We want our mission to reach the homes of all families and inspire people across the world to spend time around the family table. All you need to make these foil packets on the grill or in the oven is some aluminum foil, a knife, and a boiling pot or microwave to parboil (partially cook) the potatoes. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Bake for 20 minutes, then open each of the foil packets. into the pack, too, or cook them separately. Mix together 3 Tbsp. 2020 any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. oil, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 1 tsp. If you do try these on the grill, I’d suggest a second layer of foil to prevent dripping & leaks. Once the steak and vegetables are cooked, you can remove the foil packets from the oven and serve hot. If you're aiming to make your cut healthier, you can trim off fat or drain it with a colander. It’s one of our favorite foil pack dinners, full of great flavors with easily adaptable ingredients to suit your taste and what you have on hand. Scrumptious garlic steak and potatoes foil packs make for a super easy family dinner or even a backyard grill-out with friends!! After washing your potatoes, cut them up into 1″ cubes, and split evenly with your 4 foil packs. Remove from the oven, pull open the foil carefully – there’s hot steam in there! The list of combinations goes on. While we were making this post for garlic steak and potatoes foil packs and sharing about it with friends, we were asked a few questions: Yes, you can cook foil packs in the oven! If you’re using a sauce or wet ingredients, you’ll want to create a side on each side of the foil to keep the sauce inside. Cook for 20 minutes, or until internal temperature of steak reaches at least 140F and potatoes are … Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Your email address will not be published. Whether you’re using a foil pack on the grill or in the oven, here’s how to make it: If you’re making your foil packs ahead of time, you will want to store them in the refrigerator. Claudia has a PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness and is a Registered Dietitian. Family Foodie and Sunday Supper Movement® is a registered trademark of Sunday Supper, LLC. Toss the steak, potatoes, onions, and peppers in the oil mixture. diagnosis or treatment. Since this foil pack dinner cooks relatively quickly and has only a few other ingredients, you are best off choosing a high quality steak with a good natural flavor. According to USDA, there are three different grades of beef: prime, choice and select. Required fields are marked *. Kitchn recommends baking the meat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one and a half hours, though cooking temperature and times vary by recipe. Sprinkle rest of soup mix on top of round steak. Try serving it with any of our side dishes for BBQ, or a fresh salad such as: You can add more vegetables (like zucchini!) When it comes to cooking meat, FoodSafety.gov recommends a temperature no lower than 325 degrees F. A round or rump roast should be heated at 325 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes per pound, while a tenderloin roast should be heated at 425 degrees for 45 to 60 minutes. We share about our lives & our interests in personal development, traveling, entrepreneurship, & healthy living (mostly).