A high strung and cynical man's life is never the same when his naive but good-natured cousin comes to America to live with him. Danielle Spencer, | Jackson Beck, Lisa Ruddy, TV-G This site uses third party cookies for analytics and advertising. This actually caused a lot of tension on set with Alex Karras (George) and real-life wife Susan (Kate) fighting with ABC, production staff, and writers over this. Donna Pescow, Maybe you’ll be inspired to take out those old Betamax recordings and rewatch your favorite actually-good '80s shows that really hold up. The beginning of the series is mostly about the Winslows dealing with their annoying next door neighbor Steve Urkel. I’ve got a great blog that goes much more in-depth on ALF. Lisa Whelchel, From 1986 to 1990 it was the number one show in America. Danny Goldman, Max Wright who played Willy Tanner was noted for being so disgruntled having to play second fiddle to a puppet that there’s a story of him actually attacking ALF. The Cosby Show would routinely get over 30 million viewers an episode which is 10 million more than Monday Night Football gets today. The FCC had put it place regulations that networks had to use the time period of 7 to 8 pm to for news programs or family entertainment. Paul Winchell, TV-PG The misadventures of a large family united when a widower and a widow marry. Stars: Justine Bateman. This Sunday night time slot I believe really helped solidify it as a family show and generate a strong viewing audience. It hit #5 on the adult contemporary chart in 1989 and #7 on Billboard, Diff’rent Strokes led to the spinoff “The Facts Of Life” featuring their housekeeper, Edna Garrett, Arnold would appear in a Silver Spoons episode bringing this list together nicely, Tiffany Brissette who was actually a multi-talented actress (and was up for the role of Punky Brewster) was very limited in showing off her abilities on the show, The kids all got along well but the mothers of them were apparently nightmares on the set demanding special attention to their child, In other countries where the show was dubbed, it would be called, The character of Punky was based on a real person. It did give us Project ALF – But it’s NOT canon. This was a sarcastic look at family life in which this guy openly despises his life as a shoe salesman, husband, and father. Cherie Johnson, Joe come to life, and for a boy in the 80s, this was a mindblowing viewing experience. It doesn't sound like the makings for a sitcom, but Punky’s quirky charm makes for some adorable episodes. George Peppard, Laurence Fishburne, TV-14 | Today, there are so many entertainment platforms vying for your attention that it feels like you’re getting buried by content. Every episode was pretty much the same, the Duke boys would evade the law, and we would get some epic car chases and crashes. film was being planned in the 90s written by Tom Clancy who was a huge fan of the show. The most powerful man in the universe, He-Man, goes against the evil forces of Skeletor to save the planet Eternia and to protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Punky Brewster aired on Sunday nights and that made it a bit of unique situation considering it was a kids show. | Terry Scott, Loveheart, TV-G Adrian Knight, Lou Scheimer. Jerry Supiran, Actors considered to be cast on the show included Jeff Bridges, Nick Nolte, and Mickey Rourke – all of whom I could see really working for it. Diff’rent Strokes was also the vehicle that launched Gary Coleman making him a focal point of the show along with Todd Bridges and Dana Plato. Their parents, Henry and Muriel, live in the other half. Young Punky Brewster is abandoned with her dog, Brandon, in a supermarket. It’s crazy to think of a time where Friday was a must stay at home at night. Doug McClure. The show featured amazing locations and the sweetest cars you could see on TV. Stars: | Ted Knight, The best way I can think of to give Doogie Howser, M.D. | It featured a cool hero in Michael Knight and the sweetest damn car in history – K.I.T.T. Gloria Henry, The adventures of a boy searching for his mother with his only companion being a large Pyrenean mountain dog falsely accused of being dangerous. Since Urkel is pretty much timeless, a Family Matters reboot would be perfect to see how Urkel turned out. Family Ties was a key reason to tune in to NBC on Thursday nights in the ’80s and remains an all-time great TV look at generational differences within a family. 23 min Hugh Beaumont, Dustin Nguyen, Golden Girls would usually be much higher on a list like this, but since I’m writing this from my perspective, Blanche, Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy will just have to be happy to make the cut. Animation, Action, Adventure. Stars: Diff’rent Strokes was a bit of a tough one. The adventures of a visually impaired old man. Conrad Bain, Animation, Comedy, Family. I’m going to have to do a blog on the shows I wanted to see but wasn’t allowed to. Tony Danza starred in this primetime sitcom about a widower who moves into a single mom’s house with his own daughter to work as her housekeeper. Apparently, the concept of people just sitting around in a bar and drinking didn’t resonate with audiences. Peter Cullen, This was a look into the rude underbelly of society. Susan Saint James, Stars: Garry Shandling, avg. Stars: The ‘90s were filled with some unforgettable shows like Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and Home Improvement, but not all of the shows from the ‘90s are as memorable.We have a list of shows – some of them good and some of them bad – from the ‘90s that have long since been forgotten. But it was thought the show should feature a lot of scenes in the kitchen and it was better for the girls to be cooking, Estelle Getty’s character of Sophia was originally going to be a guest star but auditioned and tested so well they had to include her, The ‘who done it’ episode was delayed until November as one of the first networks to take advantage of “Sweeps Week”, That episode was watched by 83-90 million people aka 76% of all U.S. TV viewers were watching that show. ALF was pretty unique as the entire show was based around a puppet – and this led to a lot of issues. Family, This children's variety show from Nickelodeon's early days featured puppets interacting with live actors in "Sesame Street"-like situations, along with various animated shorts from overseas... See full summary », Stars: