I can kind of see it, but i wouldn’t have called it a vintage call out if CRKT didn’t say it a dozen times in their product descriptions. Touched it up on a leather belt and it was back to shaving hair. I will say that a tanto can be beneficial for EDC tasks like opening boxes as the secondary point works as a glorified box cutter. from Knifecenter.com - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery And I actually like GFN handles in general as a vastly underappreciated, low-cost material that’s easily more durable than most people really need. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Blur seems like it may be what I’m looking for. The Black Blur features a 3 3/8 in. While we’re on the subject of Ken Onion’s Ruger designs, let’s talk about the odd Buck 110 throwback that is the Hollow Point. The Kershaw Blur is probably the most popular knife that I own. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts- you definitely need to snap up a spare Blur just in case. The idea behind the Ruger folding knives is apparently to offer knives that are in some way reminiscent of the gun’s look or its ability as either a tactical or survival tool. Either way, the little details help turn what would otherwise have been an unremarkable knife into something I’d actually like to play around with. Normally that wouldn’t be a big consideration for me, but the Ken Onion options under the Kershaw label get small quick, and I don’t need that many 2 inch blades. I don’t think I’ve succeeded yet, but this is everything I’ve found so far. I feel it passes the “just right” Goldilocks test of not being too big and not being too small with flying colours. As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. It’s very similar to the one on the Kershaw Leek, which I’ve already expressed, I’m a-ok with. gonna go broke now….. Nickelback.. that’s that Cajun Zydeco Band right?? Tanto’s in theory offer superior penetration in tough materials (original application was to pierce Samurai armor) but realistically it just looks different (in my opinion- cooler) compared to the clip points. I’m looking to spend up to $100 or so. That was real nice of you to help out your friend, I agree that Spyderco’s really do provide a perfect amount of usability & performance whilst still (in my opinion) having a decent sense of aesthetics. I really like the minimalism of this knife in terms of features. Maybe all the waviness actually makes it feel more comfortable in the traditional grip, and the knife is bound to be a great slicer. That being said, there’s something alluring in the subtle waves of this knife. The Kershaw Blur can be the best choice, Designed by Ken Onion. It’s pretty shocking how good a deal the Blur is, and really makes you question what makes the Benchmade 940 worth 2-3 times the price with similar construction and materials. In that sense it’s a great gentleman folder, and it’ll ride smooth in the pocket. The Chive is good. Kershaw 1660 Leek is one of the famous knife designs made by Kenneth Onion for Kershaw. Thinking about this more, actually, I do feel my bias toward knives with nested liners is pretty damn positive. Ken Onion is one of the most well-known knifemakers in the industry. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! It’s got all the shape and build of a decent survival/hunting knife. Please try again. The Windage itself has a couple interesting features that make me curious. While I’m not personally a huge fan of CRKT, it seems like a good place for Onion to be right now. This stuff isn’t going anywhere. The Blackout's blade is also coated with scratch-resistant Tungsten DLC for a handsome, non-reflective surface. The steel choice varies on the model you get from 14C28N, 13C26, to BDZ1, but in my experience, they all offer roughly the same average performance. The pocket clip is over-sized, but comfort is above average (ergonomics to be discussed later), and in-pocket retention is excellent. More Than Just Surviving displays paid advertisements and relevant affiliate links. I just get skeptical when designers try to make a handle fit this closely to my hand. The knife is cool though, and one of the few Ken Onion’s you could actually justify calling tactical. My time is spent aggressively oscillating between drinking coffee at my computer and running through the woods with pointy objects. Ken Onion is one of the most well-known knifemakers in the industry. Think about the future – none of us are getting any younger :). The organic Ken Onion designed lines really work with the palm of your hands to offer a secure, comfortable hold, and whilst the handles are not exactly thick, I will say that Kershaw did a great job with the contouring (take note Spyderco Manix 2 FRN – which will never hear the end of my complaining!) We use cookies to make your experience better. It feels like a premium knife with the parts fitting flawlessly and its perfect centering.