Just hit ‘Add poll’ when creating a new tweet. A photo posted by Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) on Jul 18, 2016 at 11:01pm PDT. Well, it sort of was. GIFs and short video content have a reputation for achieving the highest levels of engagement. In fact, their loyalty and love of Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor came in handy when it was time to market Nine Inch Nails’ 5th album, Year Zero. You can set up pre-order through the best music distributors and labels. Don’t underestimate the power of blog posts. To some, DJ Khaled is more known more for his famous catchphrases such as ‘You the best’ & ‘I appreciate you’, as well as his fierce rivalry to the mysterious ‘they’. Do you have any social media campaigns concepts not mentioned here? A photo posted by Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) on Dec 13, 2016 at 3:07pm PST. Don’t go overboard with this technique though. Cause I’ve been away for a bit here’s two singles rather than one – Castle On The Hill & Shape Of You https://t.co/QuZMnEhS8P pic.twitter.com/VCznN8nLd4, — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) January 6, 2017. Considering the album’s cover was merely an itemised receipt for the album, you could forgive fans for still being confused. You could team up with another similar artist and generate content for each other’s page, helping you reach a whole new set of fans who will already like your style of music. Such is the power of video content; many bigger social players will edit still images into a video - rather than post as an image gallery - to ensure maximum engagement. Everyone loves free stuff. Furthermore, upon general release, Lee upped the ante by advertising an exclusive limited edition collectors pack containing an exclusive purple CD, 16 page lyric book and multi-coloured special edition vinyls. Download our FREE social media content calendar, Access your free music social media calendar template. You can use your profile and cover photos to reveal new artwork, announce tours, release dates, pre-order availability and, of course, when it’s finally ‘OUT NOW’. When bands record an album, they want the public to buy it; that’s just simple economics at work. Radiohead’s OK Computer almost bought the bands lead singer Thom Yorke to a complete breakdown due to the stress of touring and promotion, so the group were pretty adamant about doing things differently for their next album. Whether it’s an exclusive look at a jamming session or band practice, footage of you on the road, a short video of backstage preparations or even a clip from a big night out; keeping your fans in the loop can help to build strong relationships and a loyal following. And don't forget to hit the link below to access our FREE social media content calendar and campaign planner, help you plan and run your music social media campaign. You could give a free track away to everyone who likes and shares your post or page, or maybe some exclusive merchandise to those who pre-order your latest album. Plus you can access a free social media calendar template below, to help you plan, organise and share awesome posts. If not, improve them. Enquire about a social media campaign here. As time went on, more numbers surfaced, and once all numbers were discovered, the group’s website then changed so that it required visitors to enter a password. A musician's branding needs to be synonymous with the its music and members, instantly recognisable and above all, timeless. Furthermore, the slow release created anticipation within the fanbase which generated social buzz and PR opportunities. There you have it! Join 22k other artists following us on Facebook, Trusted by over 100,000 artists & labels across the world. Soon before their release, Kanye’s was brought forward a week to clash with 50’s album, resulting in a pretty memorable head-to-head battle. We want to help you implement a killer social media strategy for your music in 2020, so we've compiled some of the best social media campaign ideas give your pages a boost. Soon, his Twitter account threw out a link which was only accessible on the notorious ‘deep web’. Hailing from a career as a radio DJ, Khaled grew his original audience utilising tactical partnerships and musical collaborations with famous artists such as Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross. By doing this, your fans are prepared to see it premiere and you seem more … Try to keep the most significant and interesting content within the first 15 seconds, as studies have shown that many users won’t watch past that point! Stay strong everyone ❤️, Email Marketing for Musicians In this week’s vlog we look at why email is so important for music promotion, ho… https://t.co/QSWRwLAhQo. Jumping on the trending topics of the day or week is an easy and effective way to appear on the timelines of people who may not have heard your music before – especially on platforms where people scroll through topics based on hashtags. These letters lead to a website which described a dystopian future in which the United States has been shaken by terrorist attacks and the government has taken complete control of the country. Going live on social media is a particularly powerful tool nowadays, not least because when you fire up Facebook Live, every single one of your followers gets a notification letting them know. You read that correctly, Paris Hilton and Banksy? All very well for those with existing followers in large numbers…but of no practical application for those of us who make niche musical forms and have tiny existing fan bases. In January of 2015, the group suddenly released an instrumental album entitled Fashion Week, made up of songs which spelt out the letters ‘JENNY DEATH WHEN’ acrostically. If you’ve ever looked for a band that messes with people, well you need look no further than Death Grips. Drake became the foundation of several memes including spin offs of hotline bling, and even memes implying that Drake is sensitive, which is often characterized as the antithesis of the modern day rapper. Update Your Press Database . Billboards were constructed in places such as Mexico, Chile, Australia, Wales, and two places in the US, including Detroit, Michigan, and the Californian desert. This enabled the artist to charge a premium for early adopters who wanted to be within the first 100 to hear the album. 1. In keeping with the theme of the game, this show only lasted a few songs before it ended with a fake SWAT team storming the concert and rushing the audience out of the building. These days, there aren’t as many 30 second TV ad spots as there used to be to promote new records by different bands, so bands have to do things a little bit different, and a little bit left of centre. Much like Frank Ocean’s Blonde, fans had been waiting for a few years for Arcade Fire to release a new record, after their Grammy-award winning The Suburbs was released in 2010. At first, they surprised fans in June 2014 by releasing the first half of the album, Niggas On The Moon, for free online, but then they went quiet. Structure is important, but don’t be afraid to change things up or post something exciting in the moment. 5. In early 2007, fans started noticing certain letters on the bands shirts were highlighted. When September came around, the group announced the details of the record, saying it was coming in October of that year. We want to help you implement a killer social media strategy for your music in 2020, so we've compiled some of the best social media campaign ideas give your pages a boost. Give your fans an insight into life behind the scenes. Their origins are murky at best, but their music has captured the attention of thousands over their lifespan. As mentioned above, there are a couple of potential routes to take. You could use polls to looks for genuine feedback or set up a tongue-in-cheek survey simply to entertain and engage people. As the music industry becomes more and more saturated, music marketing is becoming very difficult for a lot of artists. While Arcade Fire had already announced their new album was coming by responding to a fan’s Tweet, no one had any idea that these symbols were part of the new record’s marketing. Enquire about a social media campaign here or contact social@dittomusic.com for more info. If you’re planning on running a free giveaway, think carefully about what you’re going to offer. His strangeness all came to a head in 2014 when he released Syro. The key (get it) to the success of Khaled bin Abdul Khaled, aka DJ Khaled, has not particularly relied on the consistency of his quality as a musician. This is also a great way to monitor who, where, when and how people are reaching your website. Facebook has allowed the option for videos in place of cover photos and profile pictures. When the album was released though, they were met with the information that it was all a red herring and in fact the album did actually include titles like ‘4 bit 9d api+e+6’ and ‘fz pseudotimestretch+e+3’. To be fair, it’s really no different to using something like Bandcamp, except this time Yorke was able to rub in the faces of all potential pirates the irony of using BitTorrent to actually buy a record. In the week of the album’s release in August 2006, Banksy replaced up to 500 copies of Hilton’s album with a CD of music recorded by Danger Mouse. Polls are an increasingly popular way to boost reach on your social media pages for several reasons. Buying music–a delicate and dying past time in the digital age — has had to adapt some traditional marketing concepts surrounding the artist and their product, to result in return. Undoubtedly one of the most popular alternative acts of the 1990’s, Nine Inch Nails have a fiercely loyal fanbase. This link contained album information such as the title and track listing. Don’t be afraid to get creative or mysterious! ended with a fake SWAT team storming the concert and rushing the audience out of the building, A small addition to fan sites called an ‘iBlip’ was created, announced their new album was coming by responding to a fan’s Tweet, a link which was only accessible on the notorious ‘deep web’, booking a show they never intended to show up to, a mysterious record was found at a New York store.