The Education Code can be found in its entirety at, Peter-John Gordon is a KCOB and Board Member of Kingston College, Peter-John Gordon, Fortis 79 - Class [11], Anglican High School has a demerit point system installed along with the discipline guidelines set by the Ministry of Education.

All others were English-medium schools. The Board of Kingston College is made up of 16 individuals. Principal’s Message Our Students, Our Future Anglican High School will be celebrating 65 years of excellence and the legacy in nurturing future leaders who are honourable and of fine character in 2021. The Anglican High School {GRENADA W. [15][16], Government-aided school in Tanah Merah, Singapore, "Official Team Draw Results For AYG's Football And FIBA 33 (Basketball) Announced", "Anglican High School Diamond Anniversary Musical: Chrysalis 展翅高飞 – Kallang Theatre", "Anglican High School and NUS High School emerged as winners at SMU's Youth Innovation Challenge", "Limelight 2016 by Anglican High School Choir",,_Singapore&oldid=967095839, Educational institutions established in 1956, Short description is different from Wikidata, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Pages using infobox school with a linked country, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 July 2020, at 03:38. Once these two steps have been satisfied in the affirmative the nominee must be subjected to the consent of the Government via the Minister of Education. 2. (2) The Board may, if it sees fit, delegate to the principal of the institution, responsibility for the matters specified in paragraph (1) (e).

This prerogative has not resulted in an exclusive appointment of Anglicans to the post of principal of Anglican schools. [6], In 2005 a new school building and the AHS Heritage Centre were officially opened by the Rt. The Church exercises its control over its schools primarily through the members of the Board which it nominates. (876) 962-2188 Principal Name: Mrs. Bridgette Gordon Year … This step gives the Bishop (not his nominees - Board Members or surrogates) veto power over the appointment of a particular person to the post of principal in an Anglican school. H. W. Past and present members Helping one and other to keep in touch through Face book. [7], The school celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016, and conducted its first of the kind musical on 18 and 19 March as a commemorative event. An indoor sports hall was completed in 2008 and was the hosting venue for the inaugural 2009 Asian Youth Games FIBA 33 (3-on-3 basketball) event. Kingston College has had non-Anglicans named by the Bishop of Jamaica as representatives of the Anglican Church on the Board, and in fact the Bishop of Jamaica on several occasions has named a non-Anglican as Chairman of Kingston College. In the code, "church school" means a public educational institution owned and operated by a religious denomination; "Commission" means the Teachers Service Commission; and "Council" means the National Council on Education established under the National Council on Education Act. Rev. outside of its members on the Board) in the running of its schools and this is stipulated in law. Bishop Gibson High (All Girl School) 3 Newleigh Road, Mandeville, Jamaica, W.I. Although these schools were started by and owned by the Anglican Church they are the recipients of grant-aided funds from the Government of Jamaica. 43.-(1) The appointment of every teacher in a public educational institution shall be made by the Board of Management of that institution after consultation with the principal of the institution and shall be subject to confirmation by the Minister. [10] Student Councillors wear a white shirt with a red tie (regardless of gender) and the respective white bottoms. deCarteret College started as an all-boys school but has since become a co-educational institution. It was the only Anglican school in Singapore with Chinese as its medium of instruction. Named Chrysalis, more than 300 students and teachers come together to put up the musical. When representing the school at formal occasions, AHS students will wear a red school tie and dark green blazers, along with long pants for boys and unpleated skirts for girls. }, Grenada City, Grenada. The Christian Church in Jamaica was responsible for the formation of many of the educational institutions which have developed over the past 200 years.

One demerit point is given for minor offences (e.g. The buttons used to be detachable but the metal buttons are now sewn onto the uniforms for convenience. The government’s consent is de facto obtained by the Commission’s consent that the nominee has met the government’s guidelines for a person to be appointed principal of a government aided school. The full list of Co-curricular activities (CCAs) offered by Anglican High School is featured below. The procedure for the appointment of a principal of a Church (and Trust) owned government aided school in Jamaica is outlined in Schedule B of the Education Code.

Student Councillors have to wear a special uniform as compared to other students (see the section on Attire and Appearance). Kingston College has had non-Anglicans appointed principal on more than one occasion.

late-coming or improper attire), three demerit points for serious offences (e.g. Robin Woods, at the opening of Anglican High, on 9 January 1956. [5], Pre-university education (Pre-U 1 and 2) was initially introduced along with the commencement of lessons at the new campus, and was phased out in 1978 when Junior Colleges were introduced in Singapore. Section 72 of the Code deals with Trust Schools (like Wolmers, Munroe College and Hampton High Schools) which are owned by Trusts, not Churches: 72. History. Marsha Joseph St. Agnes Parish Office 20 Clarence Street St. James 628-2885 (O) , 674-8515 (H) , 735-3029 (C) (c)  the Board shall, subject to paragraph (2), and having regard to the criteria for the appointment of principals laid down by the Minister, submit to the Commission a list of all applicants together with details of their academic and professional qualifications, teaching and other work experience and other particulars and stating the name of the applicant whom they consider to be acceptable for appointment; so, however, that if they consider each of a number of applicants to be acceptable, they shall set out the names of the first two or three in order of preference; (e)  the Minister shall notify the Board of his decision. Of the 11 high schools, eight are classified as traditional high-schools and the other three are classified as upgraded high schools. Welcome to Burgmann Anglican School Last year, we celebrated our 20th birthday. smoking, cheating, bullying, fighting or vandalism).

(a) the conduct, supervision and efficient operation of the institution; (b) ensuring that proper books of accounts and other matters in relation to the assets and liabilities of the institution and to all sums of money received and expended by the institution are kept in strict accordance with such financial regulations as may be prescribed for public educational institutions; (c) submitting to the Minister at such time and in such manner as may be prescribed, such returns, statements, reports, forms and other documents relating to the conduct and maintenance of the institution as the Minister may require; (d) arranging for the accounts of the institution to be audited by an auditor approved by the Minister and for submitting such audited accounts as may be required by the Minister; (e) appointing in consultation with the principal, the academic staff, the bursar, secretary-accountants and such other administrative and ancillary staff as are approved for the establishment of the institution; and such members of staff shall be paid such salary and other allowances as the Minister may approve and shall be eligible for such leave and other fringe benefits as may be determined by the Minister, and the appointment and termination of appointment of such members of staff shall be on such terms and conditions as may be approved by the Minister; (f) dealing as prescribed in these Regulations with breaches of discipline by or against members of staff and students of the institution; (g) dealing as prescribed in these Regulations with the appointment, termination of appointment, promotion, demotion, suspension from duty and other personnel matters in relation to members of staff of the institution; (h) approving the guidelines and sanctions concerning school behaviour and such rights and responsibilities of students as may be worked out and approved in joint consultation between staff and students of the institution and presented to the Board.