But this is a very, very different. I'll be open and honest, I couldn't have two of them. Getting the perfect juniper forward balance for our Sipsmith Orange & Cacao took time but we were determined to create an orange gin which harks back to a strong trend for citrus gins a century ago,” says Jared Brown, Master Distiller for Sipsmith. I haven't really got a name for it, kind of a Tropical Orange Collins, something like that. But as a finish drink, again, if you like that, this is not a super sweet tonic water at all, this is a traditional tonic water, slight hint of chocolate, running through it. It's Lustau. Gin & Tonicly is your top resource for the latest releases, recommendations, ginspiration and competitions in the Gin and Tonic community. What Tonic Waters with Sipsmith Orange & Cacao. In this, I'm just going half a shot, 12.5 ml. I've just got some freshly squeezed lemon juice. ABV: 40% Distillery: Sipsmith Distillery Price: £24.95 Recommended Garnish: Half Wheel of Orange Notable Botanicals: Juniper, Orange Blossom, Cacao Nibs Website: sipsmith.com Buy Sipsmith’s Orange & Cacao Gin Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Overview The … Absolutely perfect when you want 5, 10, 15 ml. If you're in the UK these are now in four packs, in most coops. I wasn't a huge fan of their Lemon Drizzle, but this is absolutely lovely. But let's try it anyway. But straight away off the nose, you get the orange, really hits you. FOLLOW US ON The next one I came up with, this is a very interesting one, this one for me, this is Lixir, they're from Newcastle, this is their elderflower and lemon tonic. The folks at Sipsmith Distillery have done it again, produced a lovely, refreshing gin which encompasses a beautiful array of juniper, liquorish, orange blossom and cacao nibs. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It is probably the best example of a chocolate and orange drink, a spirit, or anything like that, that I've ever tasted. What Cocktails can I make with Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin? As the taste lingers, it goes into marmaladey kind of feel. Right, let's get rid of those. Sipsmith changed that. Then they've got their VJOP, which is their Very Junipery Over Proof gin, which is absolutely lovely. So this is going to get made in a cocktail shaker. This is my preferred. You can get that from Ricardo, various other places online. These are three very, very simple, very easy cocktail recipes for you. There we go. What Tonic Water with Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin? I love the Schweppes bubbles, the flavour that comes with it, the smaller bubbles. Buy the Mezclar Precisio Measure; https://stblive.uk/precisio. It's not very often I get a gin that this will work really well with. This has made the best Negroni that I have tasted in a long, long while. They, in my opinion, my humble opinion, they are, not solely responsible, but play a major part in the whole gin explosion we've had over the last few years, because up until Sipsmith grants their first, or the first, small batch distilling licence, none of the smaller guys that are popping up now had access or were allowed to distil in small batches. It works a treat for those who like a little added sweetness to their serve, with notable tones such as citrusy marmalade and cacao. I've been playing with this quite a bit already. But you know what? And the Fever-Tree normal Mediterranean, the full fat version was absolutely lovely. Then, I'm just going to garnish with a lemon peel. I've got a chocolate on my lips at the moment. You can also check pricing, customer reviews and buy Sipsmith Gin online using one of the below links. They've got their sloe gin. But that chocolate, it's gone from my lips, down my throat. This is a Franklin's and Sons rosemary and black olive tonic. What does Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin Taste Like?! It's kind of a sherry-based vermouth that's a little bit sweeter than your Martini Rossos and that kind of thing. I think that work so much better. Sipsmith’s Orange & Cacao Gin is a wonderfully light, refreshing Gin which boasts a deliciously refreshing zesty, smooth sweetness. How can you buy Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin? It is such a lovely, lovely gin. I absolutely love it.