Fuel: Diesel Used Still forklifts for sale and ready to buy online with 0% APR finance. We are the oldest and most experienced still manufacturer in the United States. Not well suited for outdoor use. Sun Equipment can help you with financing your new piece of equipment. You won’t regret it! Route guidance: static or dynamic routes? Used Still Forklift Trucks. We can help you find the right forklift design for your business, Report forecasts growth in automated truck loading systems. At Trucks Direct UK we have a vast range of used STILL forklifts for sale which are highly efficient and have a long life span. Great, you are looking at buying a moonshine distiller, but can’t decide which one. Purchasing the right used lift for your business, instead of the cheapest, can save your company money in the long run. Maximum lifting capacity: 4500 kg Tyres All the functions (drive and hydraulics) are controlled electrically. Safe & secure delivery throughout the whole of the UK. 4073 used Forklifts from Still for sale or to purchase 05.11.2020 | Forklift – Europe´s largest marketplace for Forklifts | All models TOP offers. (single or double reach) Outriggers are required to counter load weight. lighting Charger required as with all electric powered units. There are 4 questions must ask yourself before buying any used forklift. Sort. Find out more? Optional units: Pneumatic Tire 4 Wheel Sit Down, Rough Terrain or Truck Mounted Forklift. STILL offer a range of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks that are a great choice for anyone who wants maximise the storage capacity of their warehouse. The latter application would otherwise require a crane, which is not always practical or time-efficient. If this distillate were put through the pot distiller again, it would increase in purity to around 70-85% purity, and lose a bit of its flavor. sideshift Lift trucks Forklifts; Forklifts. In Germany alone about 1,000 trucks are permanently available. Smaller in size when compared to pneumatic tire forklift of equal capacity. These include cookies which are necessary for the operation of the website and for the control of our commercial business objectives, as well as those which are only used for anonymous statistical purposes, for comfort settings or for the display of personalised content. Now that you know the lift truck type and model that will best suit your application, the Sun Equipment professionals will figure out all the details for you. Due to the constantly expanding forklift range, we are also happy to search for a specific forklift truck that suits all your business requirements if you let us know the make and model. 3517 Cantwell Blvd You can them by year of production, price, working hours or country. Sort by; Trade price excl. It is similar in appearance and function to a forklift but is more a crane than forklift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle. Fuel: Primarily LP Gas – Gasoline, Diesel & sometimes Compressed Natural gas, Optional units: Pneumatic Tire 4 Wheel Sit Down, Electric 4 Wheel Sit Down or Electric 3 Wheel Sit Down. This enables us to present you with offers that are particularly relevant to you and the solution to your problems. Mike’s philosophy is “Diagnosis before Prescription”. We welcome all enquiries and our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions. This may determine whether you want a new or used lift truck. These highly efficient products will suit small and large businesses in various industries. With the help of these cookies we can, for example, determine the number of visitors and the effect of certain pages on our website in order to optimise our content. vending machine In order to use the full functionality of this website please allow cookies for this website in your browser settings. These cookies are absolutely necessary for the operation of the website and enable, for example, security-related functionalities. Link to the TTB website for owning a still for home distilling put don’t forget you can get a free permit to make alcohol fuel. By selecting "Accept tracking" you allow STILL to use cookies, pixels, tags and similar technologies. STILL provides the right forklift for every situation. We use cookies to protect your personal data when sending forms on this website. You don't see a form here because your cookies are deactivated for this website. This simple policy has saved many of his customers tens of thousands of dollars on forklift purchases and built him the finest reputation and customer loyalty in the industry. We use cookies to protect your personal data when sending forms on this website. In Germany alone about 1,000 trucks are permanently available. All STILL forklifts are fully inspected by one of the independent and accredited inspectors who issue a full Health & Safety (LOLER) certificate once forklift is checked and has passed all 29-checkpoints . If the product you are looking for is currently unavailable on our website our customer service advisors will be able to offer you similar warehouse equipment that matches your business requirements. If Sun Equipment does not have the used forklift in stock that you are looking for they will find it for you. Visit on request Load capacity [kg]: 4500 | Operating hours: 12750 | Drive type: diesel | Mast type: duplex | Length [mm]: 0 | Lifting height [mm]: 3700 | Width: 0 | Installation ... Side shift, Searchlights, 2400 mm forks, White tires, Full cab, Rooster. Many models of rough terrain forklifts are also 4-wheel drive. Sun Equipment Inc. A simple phone call to Sun Equipment will initiate a discovery phone conversation where they will share their hands on knowledge of the business and guide you to the right used forklift for your needs. Can extend 1 or 2 deep into rack. heater They may also be equipped with special equipment, such as carrying frames for window glass. Leavitt Machinery has over 2000 pieces of used equipment in stock. Electric forklift batteries last 6 consecutive hours or throughout an 8-hour shift with 2-3 breaks. A more fuel efficient lift truck may save more than the monthly payment of the used forklift for sale. Buying Format. Better ground clearance than Pneumatic Tire forklift. pneumatic tires (for new) We have also provided for small companies across the UK. Although this type of truck is intended for outdoor use, it does not do well in soft materials such as sand or loose gravel. That’s why we only sell welded cans. Stills For Sale. Fuel: AC power, bi-energy, DC power, diesel, dual fuel, gasoline, propane, tri energy and manual power. Ground clearance same as cushion tire forklift. First class products – a basis for your success. This is due to the fact that a used forklift really has no suspension and it is not possible to maintain tire to ground contact in uneven environments. It is powered by a large industrial battery. We have the largest selection of stills and supplies than any other company. Charger required as with all electric powered units. For example, a telehandlers have the ability to remove palletized cargo from within a trailer and to place loads on rooftops and other high places. These cookies are absolutely necessary for the operation of the website and enable, for example, security-related functionalities. In order to use the full functionality of this website please allow cookies for this website in your browser settings. Sun Equipment encourages all of our customers to examine more than the sale price. There are so many things to consider when adding or replacing your used forklift equipment. Batteries prevent the emission of harmful fumes and are recommended for facilities in which employees are in close proximity to forklifts in operation, food-processing and healthcare sectors. To this day, STILL as approximately 9,000 highly qualified staff who constantly work on forklifts innovations and quality improvements. The first reason is obvious Sun Equipment does not want you to purchase the wrong used forklift for sale or spend more than you need on a used forklift with features that you will never use. STILL provides the right forklift for every situation. Larger in size when compared to Cushion Tire forklifts of equal capacity. All of these items need to be examined before the purchase or lease of new equipment. Sun Equipment is that right choice for your next purchase when searching for a used forklift for sale. STILL MX-X & GX-Q can handle up to 1.5 tons and reaches the speed of 14 km/h. close Clear filters Brand - 0 selected Linde 252 Hyster 214 Toyota 110 Still 88 Caterpillar 72. These cookies are used to display personalised content according to your interests. Forklifts come in many sizes, shapes, colors and functions. Less horsepower than gas powered units. Please fill out the form below. To narrow your search, please use the left hand side navigation. Units available in 2wd & 4wd. This gives you a transparent overview of the condition of the used forklift trucks and warehouse equipment on offer at a single glance. Well, first of all, I want to thank you for looking on MileHiDistilling.com. STILL used forklifts for sale - 63 used STILL forklift trucks available. The first step in buying a used forklift is simple: make sure you are buying from a reputable used forklift dealer with many years of experience and a proven track record of great customer service and customer satisfaction. Like distilling water, vinegar’s, essential oils, and even engine fuel. The same machine with a 5,000lb lift capacity with the boom retracted may be able to support as much as 10,000lb with the boom raised to 50’ The operator is equipped with a load chart which helps him determine whether a given task is possible, taking into account weight, boom angle and height. Some machines are also equipped with front outriggers and can be called mobile cranes, which extend the lifting capability of the equipment while stationary. Our quality promise: All available used forklift trucks, pallet trucks and warehouse equipment is thoughtfully checked by our service technicians and carefully refurbished with genuine STILL Spares and then categorised in a uniform system applying to the whole of Europe. You should also consider maintenance needs while making your decision. They are usually capable of being set up and operated by a single person. Order Pickers: Use: Order picker trucks place the operator on an elevating platform along with the forks. Charger required as with all electric powered units. Optional units: Electric Narrow Aisle Double Reach Truck, Articulated 4 Wheel Sitdown, Electric Man Down Swing Reach Turret, Electric Man Up Swing Reach Turret or Man Down 4 Wheel SwingMast. Electric Forklifts: Use: Primarily used indoors on smooth surfaces. On the end of the boom the operator can fit one of several attachments, such as a bucket, pallet forks, muck grab, or lift table. Inquire today about Stock #EQU014807 Prices start from £4,950. Ground clearance same as cushion tire forklift or Electric 4 wheel units. Scissor Lifts: Use: A scissor lift, also known as an aerial device or elevating work platform (EWP), is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. It looks much like its IC powered counterpart. Please note that based on your settings, not all functionalities of the site may be available. Weight of the forklift: 6262 kg. STILL offers customers electric, gas and diesel lift trucks that come in 3-wheeled & 4-wheeled versions to match any requirements.