lengths. Pregnancy is a major moment and event in any woman or man’s life and the time surrounding the birth of a child can be very busy for prospective parents or even new parents. Application Letter for Maternity Leave Extension for Teacher. Within the year of maternity parental leave, most parents return to active duty with their school boards. Find out more on the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund website. I can be reached at [Phone Number] or by email at [Email Address] at any time except between [9am and 12pm] on week days. 150, Medicine Hat Roman Catholic Separate School District No. Check your collective agreement to get more detailed information on leave This letter is a formal request for an [eight-week] leave of absence without pay, so that I may attend a course at Name of University on [Name of Course]. You can use this maternity leave extension letter in UK, India, Canada, Australia and other countries of the world. Request for Maternity Leave. The teacher is expected to pre-pay or repay those premiums upon return to work (see article 11.2 in your collective agreement). Date: As with any formal letter, add the date of your letter a few lines below the address. If the pregnancy follows a normal term, the employee gets four weeks of paid leave before the delivery of the child and 6 weeks after it. While you are on your leave, the Association encourages you to retain full coverage of benefits beyond the 16 weeks/36 weeks you are entitled to in your collective agreement. The afterbirth leave can be extended to up to 8 weeks in the case of a Cesarean section. Note that you must be in receipt of EI to receive top up. The advantage of requesting a part time leave of absence within a full time continuing contract is that in the future, the teacher will be returned to their full time assignment because they have not altered their contractual status. A choice for payment structure must be indicated in the teacher’s letter of notice to take leave. This can also be dependent on a doctor’s note and the amount of sick leave entitlement you have. This brochure will help answer many of your questions. 3, Edmonton Catholic Separate School District No. Employees follow office rules whereas Teachers follow school, college rules to write the formal maternity leave application letter or email. Teachers expecting in their first year of teaching may not have access to the same sick leave entitlements as teachers who are in their second year of teaching with the school jurisdiction or who are on a continuing contract. Check your collective agreement to get more detailed information on leave The teacher shall provide a medical certificate indicating that she is unable to work because of a medical condition. My last day of work would be [Friday, January 30th] and I would return to my classroom on [Wednesday, April 2nd]. The Health Spending Account (HSA) will remain active for the duration of parental leave but no further credits will be contributed to the HSA during this time. 4, Living Waters Catholic Regional Division No. If you wish to return to work from maternity leave earlier than anticipated, this requires 4 weeks notice to your employer and a medical note. Please note that this must be done within 31 days of the birth. If you are adopting, please contact Teacher Welfare for assistance. My last day of work would be [Friday, January 30th] and I would return to my classroom on [Wednesday, April 2nd]. Maternity leave can only be used by birth mothers since it recognizes the medical needs of a mother who gives birth. These leaves of absence are discretionary. 28, Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 11.3B  Salary Payment and Benefit Premium Payment Set SEB Plan. In your written leave request letter, you must address your principal, supervisor, or the Superintendent of the school. 2833, Fort McMurray Roman Catholic Separate School District No. This will be either 20 days in the school year or calculated by taking the number of days worked divided by 9. 3, East Central Alberta Catholic Separate Schools Regional Div. 11.3.5 A The School Jurisdiction shall pay the portion of the teacher’s benefits plan premiums specified in Article 7.0 of the Collective Agreement for thirty-six (36) weeks of parental leave. For this purpose, the Family and Medical Leave Act that is mandated by the federal government for all of the states of the US offers up[ to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave to soon-to-be and new mothers. It depends on the situation and how much time the individual at question would be physically incapable of attending to her regular work duties. Lora Turner is an Experienced HR professional worked with the large organizations and holding 15 years of experience dealing with employee benefits. This is a predetermined number of weeks. While pregnant, it is your legal right to take from 16 weeks-78 weeks (18 months) of leave. Article by Gilda Bullard. The primary purpose of this letter is to put a request for parental leave (after the baby is born or adopted) in writing to an employer. [Teacher’s Name][Teacher’s Address][City, State, Zip Code], [Principal’s Name][School’s Name][School’s Address][City, State, Zip Code]. 41, Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division No. These plans require a teacher to choose between sick leave or a fixed plan, which is 13 to 18 weeks of top up (depending on the collective agreement). For adoptive parents, the parental leave portion can be shared by both parents to a maximum of 37 weeks. Extend maternity leave letter sample from job in office, school, principal, manager or boss for females after the child delivery or pregnancy period. 2, Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No.77, Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. Hand in your letter ASAP: It’s advisable to hand in your maternity leave letter as soon as you have the all-clear from your midwife that you’re in your pregnancy’s safe period (this is usually after three months have passed). You can return to work at any point in the first year of the maternity or parental leave with 4 weeks written notice, and school boards are obligated to return you to the same position or one that is comparable in terms of skills and compensation and mutually agreed upon. Maternity Leave Brochure: Everything you need to know about maternity leave, Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le congé de maternité. You can find more information on Health-Related or Fixed plans, including lists of school jurisdictions further down on this page. 14, Fort McMurray Public School District No. Under many collective agreements, it is possible to access either a general leave of absence or child care leave of absence for up to one year after the first year of the baby’s life. 53. This course is a special arrangement made by the University and is being taught by [Name of Professor] who is a Nobel Prize winner in the field. Following that, teachers need to write to their board and request a part time leave of absence and therefore maintain their full time continuing contract. You also need to state the timeline of your leave and why you will be taking the days off along with how much time you will be missing at work. A request letter for a maternity leave is a formal letter written by a pregnant woman at the start of the period when she has to stop attending work/stop working and is seeking the permission from her superior to do so. The maternity leave in New Jersey is given under the Temporary Disability law of the state which provides benefits to those employees missing out on work due to short-term disabilities such as illnesses or other health matters. If both parents work for the same employer and want their parental leave at the same time, it may be subject to employer approval. 4. The teacher must be able to work until at least 12 weeks prior to expected date of delivery and qualify for EI in order to access the fixed plan. As such, it is understandable that they need a period of rest if they are working full time at any institute.