A tree growing near the foundation will therefore tend to grow at an angle, leaning away from the house and toward the source of sunlight. A tree-root-damage study cited by the Michigan State University Extension found that oak (Quercus spp.) It may be beneficial to install a root barrier to protect your house or driveway from damage. Before deciding on a particular tree that you think will be excellent, make sure you find out all about its root system, especially about the anticipated depth and spread of its roots. 6860 Dallas Pkwy, Ste. Foundation depths and the age of your house There is a small risk of damage from lilac roots to water and sewer lines. 600 Strada Circle, Ste. Why there’s water in the basement. It’s imperative to keep tree roots away from underground utilities. Other factorsObviously, other factors come into play and complicate the situation. Foundations beware! Phone: (469) 305-7120, Irving, TX Remember: the spread of tree roots can be two to four times greater than the drip line of the branches. Another thing to remember about a home built on clayey soil: prolonged dry spells are without a doubt one of the main reasons for foundation cracks. The distance between trees and foundation should be identified on the table together with information about the relevant height of the tree, and the high, medium or low shrinkage nature of the soils, to enable you to read off the foundation depth. Trees that grow long, lateral roots should not be installed near house foundations. Inquire about the trees that are currently growing on your property to enhance their care and beauty. Where driveways or sidewalks are concerned, it’s best to plant them at a distance of 6-7’ away if you’re installing a medium-sized tree, and up to 20’ away if the tree is known for having large, encroaching roots. Roots normally grow horizontally and not very far beneath the soil surface. Phone: (817) 798-5656, Frisco, TX Deciduous trees tend to have a deep root system that crawl beneath foundations and cause deterioration. Applies to house foundation repairs only. The soil swells again after a drenching rain, but the cracks in the foundation remain. There is of course another danger of large trees near to your property which is from impact damage to your property (or persons in the property or garden) following a violent storm. The tradition of foundation planting evolved from a desire to ease the transition from house to landscape or to disguise masonry and basement windows. Find out how to pick the best tree that will not damage your foundation. An affiliate of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and American Automobile Association (AAA). 200 Many trees have been cut down needlessly just because they were nearby. Fort Worth, Texas 76102 If you know you want your tree to be closer to your home, look for decorative trees that will stay relatively small so the roots don’t encroach on your foundation. Serving members in the Province of Quebec. Learn about the main provisions. 222D If you are a CAA-Quebec member, you can call the professionals at our Residential Advisory Services, free of charge, as often as you wish. There is very little you can do to prevent storm damage other than to ensure the tree is healthy and in good condition. Other less thirsty species are better suited: pine, spruce, fir, horse-chestnut, walnut and honey-locust, all of which have a shallower root system. Generally, a tree should be planted at least fifteen feet away from the foundation of a home. If you do, it will grow under your foundation and harm it. Arlington, Texas 76015 A million members, donors, and partners support our programs to make our world greener and healthier. Watering is importantMake watering trees a priority during dry spells. 8992 Preston Road, Ste. Lisez les témoignages de personnes qui l’ont fait et qui y ont... On a des cadeaux pour égayer votre temps des fêtes! Discover the CAA‑Quebec Members Magazine. They are best avoided. Japanese maple trees, for instance, are safe to plant relatively close to your house. This can cause your foundation to heave. Indeed, evergreens have little effect on soil contraction. If you choose a tree that has a very large root system, it may need to be planted 50’ away from the foundation, if possible. This can cause your foundation … We service the entire DFW Metroplex. Canada finally has a traveller bill of rights. This means that a massive root system can easily form under your foundation. If you have issues, learn how to pick the best tree that will not damage your foundation. Shorter shrubs should have at least a 3-foot (.91 m.) clearance between them and the house for optimum air circulation. Hazards such as branches falling on the house. Poplars, or trees in the Populus genus, can cause foundation damage.