A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. Complete with an LED status indicator, true bypass switching, and your choice of 9-volt battery or optional AC power, the Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff reissue puts an iconic piece of guitar history on your pedalboard. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Somewhere in between, your ideal fuzz tone awaits. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Music background: I'm just really starting to learn guitar (I've played keyboards since I was 16, I'm 63 now) I also play some Bass guitars. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 Smooth, creamy, velvety fuzz. I love the iconic sound of the first generation of Big Muffs and EHX has successfully replicated those iconic tones. No project is too big or small, so give us a call today and let's talk gear! Charted a song on country hot 100 in 1987. The Big Muff has gone through many changes since then, with the so-called “triangle” and “ram’s head” models as the most recognisable. Phone Hours | By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. By clicking Subscribe, I agree my data may be used for marketing purposes including email communications and third party marketing. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. But even in that earliest incarnation, which EHX aims to replicate in the Triangle Big Muff reviewed here, the Big Muff was a very different and enormous sounding fuzz. Nothing too harsh. Fuzz Effects Pedal with Volume, Tone, and Sustain Controls, Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Reissued Fuzz Pedal. Learn More. Currency: Our Sales Engineers are a world-class team of music gear experts whose sole job is to provide you with helpful advice and unparalleled service completely free of charge. The low pass filter cap at C10 in the input stage was omitted, likely because of a shortage of 500pF caps during that production run. Guitarists at Sweetwater especially love the sweep of its Tone knob, which basically blends between lowpassed and highpassed splits of your signal. Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz Pedals, Vintage Big Muff (left) and Triangle Big Muff re-issue (right), Electro-Harmonix Distortion, Overdrive, Boost & Fuzz Pedals, Re-creation of the original "triangle" Big Muff fuzz pedal, Nano-sized die-cast chassis is built to last, Classic fuzz tone with singing sustain and highly musical clipping, Powered by 9-volt battery or external power supply (sold separately). Get Directions | From beginners to rock stars, millions of music makers rely on our Sales Engineers' expertise to help achieve their musical goals. In reality, you could have a specific V1 variant from 1970 that exaclty matches the sound of a specific V2 … Sweetwater Sales Engineers help you buy music gear with confidence. Music background: Folk, pop, rock, country, songwriting for many years. Sweetwater Sound A faithful re-creation of the original late '60s circuit, the Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff delivers a wide range of tones from its three simple controls. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. I love Pink Floyd, Santana, Marshall Tucker Band, Steely Dan. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. After closing doors in the mid 80s, Matthews moved to Russia and founded Sovtek, which produced tubes and a new version of the Big Muff housed in huge tank-like boxes.