We’d like to visit her again and if you’ll let us be your guests down the road, we’d be forever grateful as we can’t stomach the thought of never being on her again, (even if just for a bit).'. Not only nothing but LV have wandered off to Australia to make a little money on the side. Iceland Cornish Pasties? Like Dylan, he has prior experience in this sort of thing. My suspicion is that driving down there may be the best bet. I am sure she is quite a turn on for you, after all you Frogs like your women with armpits like an Iranian tank driver. His videography is decent, but not quite as good as Dylan's, but I believe this is more because he's doing it just for occasional fun and not because he lacks the skill and ability. Raffle .... mmmmm. Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time. I guess no one is getting hurt, just not my cup of tea. Well that was not my experience but what do French chicks have against appearing in American pornography? They are professional liars as a rule. But the last intimate moment with my ex-wife was the muddlin' socialist posting up vids of the cathedral we just assumed were gone. The video looked like it was made by a pro. No...I have not been caught peeing or flashing. Don't cover up your lack of precision with extra punctuation. Our channel is 100% funded by great viewers like you. They might be trying to portray the "real" cruising life but accounting for every single non-event is a bit tedious. So I figured something is very wrong with the whole scenario. A common problem and a poor sales tactic. Came her looking for the normal super spicy commentary. FollowtheBoat is a great teacher though he manages to remove some entertainment value while pushing the Patreon client benefits. Whatever momentum Outremer generated from the bulk publicity in April has just gone PFFFFT ! Seems that folks are more interested in T and A. I get a little weary of bikini images being used to entice people to watch their vid. I guess that you were never interested in girls on the hippy side of the spectrum. Perhaps the mostly fish diet that is pretty common. That could, and would in many USA places, make her a registered lifetime sex offender. 4 years as Patreon creator; 457th ( 16 ) Video Rank. Welcome to our Patreon page! Very careful about peeing. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. A good, concise statement. Even if the damsel doesn't get caught in person, an internet cop may sniff it out at a later date. Sav they would have been waiting for Mistral season to end. LB that's not his tie...you seen a uncircumsised tie as good as that for god's sake??? Nice Pic! In Australia, it just makes her a slut. Only got to .33 mark when he said there will be no bikini's. He leaves the three women alone to get a part for his boat. Seems that cruising is good for the physique. Every month, I'll have a Patreon-live chat with all of you awesome $3+ patrons, plus all previous rewards. We all want a potent military. I like both. That mostly alienated his dads core supporters. This helps us to purchase new camera gear to provide the best content we can! Many women have magical ways to be truly annoying. Captain Stabbin showed some promise about 15 years ago, but I believe those were mostly filmed on power yachts. I always wondered what the time lag was between shooting, editing and finally the uploading of these vids. But can you tell the young people today? Disturbingly, I was talking about BJ, not his family. dylan winter, July 6, 2016 in Cruising Anarchy. However, neither one are in the same realm of sailing experience as EmeraldSteel and FollowtheBoat. A couple of months ago Outemer threw a fancy launch party complete with the usual gaggle of groupies, hangers-on and bucket loads of champagne. The rules vary from location to location. 49.9k Followers, 1,041 Following, 979 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sailing Doodles (@sailingdoodles) Gosh there are lots of these if you ask google nicely. I would put Rachel Sawden (currently doing a gig as an Americas Cup  journalist) at top of my crew list for making one of these vlogs....probably need to beef up the head liner though. It's lazy writing, suitable or ad copy, forum posts, FB or Tweets. Your call BJ! 'And we really want La Vaga to end up with one of our fans. Well well well - all the sailing grifters are getting new Cats.In this episode the doodles meet with 'tash and 'brows but they don't show them in the Vid. Though I did quit watching after she started comparing the roominess of the million dollar cat versus the sailboat. Would you have a problem with a theater that offered free viewings while asking for donations? There is plenty of solid information to be found. Mmmm..LB is on to it.... the world has changed..why wasn't I told..I'm still chasing skinny ones who smoke and drink, can cook up a storm and hate condoms...maybe thats why I ended up in Asia...and it wasn't the cheap beer, grand anchorages, interesting culture and diving?? That can be a challenge at 58. I like the EmeraldSteel couple though his accent manages to remove some clarity from his words. I was quite surprised to learn for instance that the Delos video released this week has them in Nth Madagascar yet in reality they left Cape Town around 6 weeks ago enroute to Brazil. Next time somebody need to run for president with "tits not guns" as a slogan. 2. While they allowed Paul and Kucinich, they made a lot of fun of them via the "media". The latest stuff needs a good story editor though. In Frogland we like our women with just enough hair so that we don't feel like they are on the payroll of a North American pornographer. Great campaign but hard to avoid confusion when using it in a radio ad. Imagine the fantasy's running through the minds of their more obsessed 'Fans'. Some of his best stuff was when he was refitting and doing deliveries, long before anybody had ever heard of Delos. Instead I seek a marina on the Sea of Cortez as a step in a different direction. It's easy! I seriously doubt that our government would allow a candidate that wasn't into the same things our government is into. Access to our GPS communicator and text us as we cross the ocean! I've spent too much time on the net to be overly impressed by her knockers. "A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.". All of our public restrooms are always open too.......well, at least half are anyway. There is clearly serious money for those at the top of this tree. Be careful with words like that over at Sailing Anarchy. Give LB a break ....he has only had sex thrice..first all the time with himself...the second one after his tour of NZ for the AC..but while they were to be married she unfortunately got put down unfortunately with a bad case of flystrike (only K1W's will understand that)...the third ...well the guy has children and obviously owns a freezer ...so give him some slack if he doesn't quite appreciate the soft landing pad stuff. I think they simply moved over to a catamaran having realized a sensational deal on it. 14 No. His video about family sailing when he was younger was extremely interesting to me, as was his solo trip to Hawaii and back titled "Alone Together." Very thoughtful of her to balance the tray so carefully on his wang. No boobs, no tropical weather (mostly), but again I have to give a shout out to DrakeParagon (Drake Roberts on S/V Paragon). You can see how wrong this one is. It's not concise at all, really. Now it is lifetime sex offender and the party numbers are way down. I can say that having done about 14,000 miles over the past couple months. He had a knack for interviewing transiting sailors. It is also possible that youtube pushes their (LaVag and Delos) content more aggressively. Se if you can spot them. Would not be a bad place to be at all! They had to wait a few weeks longer to get the stitches out. I am rather disappointed that you didn't use your time in Europe wisely to study carefully hairiness of our women. He was livin’ the dream when one day he woke up with a horrible headache. You need to get out more BJ...not interested in writers shit...it was the "photographer is sailing with his wife, her sister and his nympho-maniacal model. Trump was using cameras in his hotel rooms in the 90's according to an old documentary I viewed. Very afraid to pee when away from home. They have both forgot as much as LaVag knows. Advertising is paid for in some way, shape, or form. They are drifting to a slightly rogue operation while focusing on younger viewers. As long as Megan stays on Doodles, I'm good. this is a fairly standard timeline from one of my edit lists, you can see the layers of images, maps, and graphics and then below the audio added, all the video needs to be colour balanced and the audio needs what the blokes used to call sweetening. Rand Paul has tried a different tack by cozying up to the military and Israel a bit. They probably already on  their lap of the Med now so I imagine it will be a few weeks until a vid hits the deck. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. At first I only saw 2 puppies but with a bit more study I see two more of the K-9 variety! Yep that was how we edited in my early days in production as well. It costs money to produce and air video content. Not an entirely bad idea, due to safety issues, but who wants to party with cops cruising around and writing tickets? Swap "internet cop" for "people" and you've summed up most around here.... Pasties are still allowed? Someday, somebody is going to promote a Perfect 10 and blow the rest out of the water. It will buy them a lot of cheese. Become a patron of Sailing Doodles today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. For your information, not shaving armpits is a mostly German fashion. In the mean time, he helped build the Orkney cathedral. Laura is a registered nurse who had been living in the caribbean for 6 years before joing the Sailing Doodles crew. At that time only one cop enforced the ruling. It's like using dialog tags to emphasize how someone said something. We also give men registered lifetime sex offender for peeing. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. We sail around the world with two 90 lb labradoodles named Maverick and Goose and create a video channel for your viewing pleasure. The lad is about to get a hard lesson in the reality of selling a well worn, poorly maintained and minimally equipped vessel of which the market is flooded with the same model from charter fleets around the world. The only bikini sailing videos I watch are La Vagabonde. Sign up for a new account in our community. Meh.....no tits at all is just fine with me. Followtheboat and Emerald Steel both have decades of cruising experience. Tit videos generally have lame sailing content. I would have thought most of us have done enough sailing in small yachts in cold,shit-house weather that we don't need to spend our spare time watching some other poor cunt doing it.