Alexander immediately smirked as he thought of a crafty way of how to end the fight. Dr. Dorian: I'm not all that surprised by the fact that Alexander won. On the other hand the Iklwa is easy to use, and can somewhat pierce Alexander's armor, but lacks the reach of the Xyston. His vast army crumbled as soon as he died. To find out, our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons. How to stop it? "Zulu!" "Zulu!" Two Warriors Enter, One Will Leave. Blank ballots: 'I could not give my vote to either person', Britney Spears will not perform again due to legal setback, Student debt cancellation in focus amid Biden transition, How Va. gym managed to avoid coronavirus outbreak, AP drops CMA Awards coverage over dispute, Le Batard rehires laid-off ESPN producer after 'hurtful' cuts, ‘Borat 2’ actress speaks out about infamous scene, There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country, Virus isn't the only thing keeping people from theaters, Pastor's message to those who contest election results. No Mercy. Shaka embedded his axe in Alexander's shield and pulled his weapon off, along with the Basileus of Macedon's shield, disarming both of them. Why is GenX so mean and scary and act like there fake wise when there actually not and boomers know this? I hope you enjoyed it too. Even worse, he invented new weapons when facing new enemies and based on the threats that they posed to him, his army and his nation. The dying barbarian got shocked as Alexander accepted the huge crossbow from Parmenion. He ran off into the bushes. He holds in his hand the iklwa spear of the fallen Shaka Zulu, his eyes fixed on campaign maps, already planning his next great conquest. This, is the Deadliest Warrior. Narrator: In this battle between two of histories greatest leaders, Alexander proved to be the better man, with an impressive 513 kills to his credit, due mostly in part to his xyston spear. Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 1: Shaka Zulu vs. Alexander The Great. Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 1: Shaka Zulu vs. Alexander The Great Narrator: Shaka Zulu; the fierce African Warlord who built a Zulu army that killed 2 million enemies, and transformed a continent. The Zulu team steps up two a couple of balls suspended in the air and surrounded by glass, meant to simulate human heads. His vast army crumbled as soon as he died. Dr. Dorian: While some of these cuts are indeed lethal, a lot of them are a bit shallow. Alexander's team, however, is not impressed. Dr. Dorian: Well, despite its long load time, it's clear that the Gastraphetes is much more lethal. No safety. Sadly for Alex, the unorthodox tackle had taken him by surprise, and when he hit the ground, he'd ended up dropping his sword, which fell out of reach. Unarmed 1-on-1 combat/ wrestling - don't know.... Complex field battle tactics - probably Allie. Shaka immediately brought out his iklwa and thrusted it at the greek, although the bronze cuirass held. Looking down the slope, he sees Shaka running his way, Iklwa spear in one hand, Ishlangu shield in the other. The heat of the wound, though not fatal, enraged him. Using his superior martial - arts training, Alex sidestepped and grabbed the arm holding the offending weapon. please don't bother. They say that while a spit-take was fine for the "Three Stooges", it wasn't worth much in battle. Next Alexander's team goes to test the deadly Xyston spear. 3)policies to increse religious persecution. Alex readies another bolt on the ballista and fires, but misses again. Or Shaka Zulu, the African warlord who transformed a continent? And the last thing Shaka saw is the horrifying sight of Alexander putting a rusty arrow on the weapon. The bolt flew true, and pierced the African warlord right through his heart. Next Team Zulu steps up to a fresh pig carcass, and swings their fearsome Zulu Axe down on the flesh. He watched as Shaka attempted to distract him with some strange jumping and shouting. Alexander then reentered the tent, putting the iklwa of zulu alongside his own kopis. Dr. Dorian: Now this is impressive because I didn't think it would be able to get through Alexander's armor. The warrior king immediately rested one end of the weapon on his stomach and positioned the other end on his opponent's head. Shaka returns by burying the blade of his axe deep into Alexander's shield. Shaka Zulu immediately  hurled his bone crushing Iwisa staff with his free hand, however, the undefeated champion raised his hoplong, thus feeling the full force of the impact without getting hurt himself. It's time to find out which warrior is truly the deadliest. Ice skating - neither. So your eyes are burning, big deal, this other guy is dead. I write this purely for entertainment purposes only. Twisting his opponents wrist, he forced Shaka to drop the weapon. ? Shaka would've admired it if it wasn't going to be the weapon to finish him off. No rules. Get your answers by asking now. Are all races exactly the same with no biological differences? (We see Alexander at the head of a massive army). Alexander immediately got his sarissa and thrusted it in Shaka's path. Taking aim, Alex fires his ballista, but Shaka sees the bolt coming down at him and moves out of the way. It's a duel to the death, to decide who is...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR! Turning, he tosses an iwisa club at the back of Alexander's head; but the wooden stick merely bounces harmlessly off the steel helmet. But Alexander's team is not impressed. Narrator: For the final test, each team will test a special weapon, that they think will tip the fight in their favor. Boxing - maybe Shaka. What race and ethnicity is she if you had to guess? Alex swings with his sword, but Shaka doges. Disclaimer: I don't own Deadliest Warrior; but I wish I did. No mercy. Narrator: Now the two teams go toe-to-toe to test their respective sides close range weaponry: The Kopis and the Zulu Axe. Shaka picks up speed and continues to make his way toward Alex. After twenty seconds, he stepped back and allowed the doctor to examine the results. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Dr. Dorian: This weapon is certainly deadly, however it's a weapon meant to be used on hose back, not ground warfare, so it can be somewhat cumbersome. The fight takes place on a savanna hillside, Alexander, mans a ballista, his horse nearby. "Zul - !...". Grunting in frustration, Alex mounts his horse, positions his xyston, and charges the oncoming Zulu. Your review has been posted. The fact is that while Shaka's iklwa was an impressive weapon, Alexander weapons have the ability to do large amounts of damage and kill at almost any range.