Unfortunately, we don't accept returns of product or do exchanges of product. (journal publication in process). The blend contains three primary probiotics and is powered by BB-12, the most documented bifidobacteria and well known for its efficacy in its digestive and immune health. This is the best part! More than 80% of the almonds we buy are grown and processed within a 20 mile radius of our bottling facility. Skylights in the packaging area of our plant so that we can turn off the majority of the area lighting during sunny days and motion sensors so that if we’re not using the lights, they shut off automatically. Our roasting style is close to a Scandinavian light roast — it brings out the bright notes in the coffee. Our dairy free Creamers have no hydrogenated oils or artificial colors – but still deliver that rich, creamy flavor you love. The MCT oil we use originates from coconut and/or palm oils. We start with 100% Arabica beans sourced via Direct Trade from Central and South America and East Africa. How long are the seasonal products available? Please note: removing the label allows for better color sorting and assures greater value of the materials. Hover over your name and an options menu will appear. All our labels say "Do Not Freeze" because the product will change texture once it is frozen; even if you try to re-liquefy the product, it will no longer have the same texture and it will not be enjoyable. Our Plant Milks have 50% more calcium than cow’s milk, and yes, we do add calcium (as do many breakfast favorites, such as orange juice and other milk-substitute products, because calcium is good for you!). These ultra-creamy nutmilks are made with only four ingredients: organic nuts, water, oat fiber, and a dash of sea salt. Turns out, you can. No, we no longer ship perishable chilled items from our website. Califia Farms is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has 2 office locations across 1 country. Miller, V. et al. The sourcing of certain ingredients, particularly organic nuts, makes it challenging to produce all of our products as organic. Califia Farms Supports Water-Friendly Farmers, Califia Farms is Increasing Water Efficiency. We are doing everything we can to get your packages to you, but please know that due to heightened demand your order may experience shipping delays. *, 15% of global emissions come from meat and dairy production.1, 38% of habitable land is used to raise and feed animals for consumption.2, 49% more food could be added to our global supply by switching animal agriculture to plant based production!3, Avoiding meat and dairy is shown to be the single most effective way to reduce your impact on Earth.4, Individuals who eat more plants tend to be healthier, have lower risk of many major diseases and live longer. Califia quickly processes orders, so whether your order can be cancelled will depend on the stage of processing your order is in. Is it safe? We can all help protect the bees by planting more forage; learn how Califia’s retail partner Whole Foods is “sharing the buzz” here: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/sharethebuzz. When it comes to almonds used in our products, we work primarily with one grower-processor that is led by a 3rd generation family operation. SECTOR. What do I do? Where do you get the fruit that you use in your juice? Most of our products are Pareve with the exception of our Probiotic Yogurts, which are Kosher DE. What makes your Better Half and Creamers so creamy? Or if you prefer to have them delivered to your doorstep, shop direct from www.califiafarms.com or your favorite online grocery retailer. They work together to increase the acidity so BB-12 can grow. Over the past year, we have reduced the amount of water required to produce each bottle of our Almondmilk by 16% through efficient production planning. MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides, are fats that are quickly digested into ketone bodies which can be used as a plant-based alternative energy source. Over 90% of the production waste (shrink wraps, pallets, cardboard and paper) from our facility is diverted from the landfill to recycling. Contact us by emailing hello@califiafarms.com or calling 1 (844) 237-4779. By shortening the supply chain, we can assure we bring you the highest quality ingredients while ensuring that the stewards of our land benefit from our business. However, our products packaged in cartons (Better Half, select Creamers, Barista Blends, and select Concentrated Cold Brew) are shelf-stable and can be left unrefrigerated before opening. We use 100% Arabica beans sourced via Direct Trade from Central and South America and East Africa. http://www.fao.org/livestock-environment/en/, https://ourworldindata.org/agricultural-land-by-global-diets, Lower risk of diabetes-related conditions. The company's line of business includes the canning of fruits, vegetables, and fruit and vegetable juices. Califia Farms has 196 employees across 2 locations and $340 m in total funding,. The Califia Culture Blend features 10 billion live, active probiotic CFUs (colony forming units). Prebiotics are food for good bacteria. Consumer Staples. Is it too late to apply it to my order? After you’ve made a purchase, we'll send you two emails. We’re happy that you’re looking for Califia! A list of store and product locations for Califiafarms, mobile locator brought to you by Dónde In addition to our already dreamy, creamy almondmilk, we blend our Creamers and Better Half with real, rich coconut cream. With all of our products, please refrigerate after opening and consume within 10 days of opening. Benefits of a plant-based diet can include:5,6. Discover delicious & nourishing oatmilks, almondmilks, creamers, cold brew coffees, juices and other natural, non-GMO beverages from Califia Farms. Pasteurization is a very common process in the beverage manufacturing industry and we pasteurize for food safety reasons. We also use real ingredients like caramel in our Salted Caramel Latte, or pumpkin puree in our Pumpkin Spice Latte. Our online store only offers products by the case. At Califia Farms, we're all about creating delicious, plant-powered foods with natural ingredients. Nature, 478,337–42. Universities of California at Davis and Santa Barbara. We are currently working to achieve Zero Waste Certification. Some of our consumers want an organic option, so that’s why we also have a line of USDA Certified Organic Homestyle Nutmilks. Our supplier is part of the GreenPalm program and purchases GreenPalm certificates to promote increased availability of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. We share her passion for protecting and nourishing our environment and our community. Polyfilm: Tear off thin polyfilm layers to separate from the cotton fiber insulation. If you believe there is a quality issue with your product, please take note of the Expiration Date and the Lot Code (a series of numbers with a timecode that is printed near the Expiration Date), so that we can trace the specific batch of product you have received. To the far right, you'll see a box that says ‘Summary.’ In that box, click ‘Cancel Subscription.’. We start with potable well water, which we run through a reverse osmosis unit that filters and purifies beyond the standards of ordinary drinking water by removing virtually all of the dissolved solids from the water. Califia Farms’ Better Half is a delicious, dairy free one-for-one swap to Half and Half. Where can I buy Califia? Shipping is a flat rate of $6.00 (including subscriptions). How does the sugar in your product compare to others? Calcium is an essential mineral — it is needed by the body for healthy bones, muscles, nervous system and for a healthy heart. Check out our recipes on The Bounty for some plant-based meal prep goodness! Find ‘My Subscriptions’ on this page and click the subscription you want to skip. Yes. Because of this, our Barista Blends have become the plant milk of choice at many of the nation’s top coffee shops. Our process also guarantees the coffee stays fresher because there’s less exposure to air, meaning less oxidation and degradation. Unfortunately, we do not ship to PO boxes or APO addresses at this time. (n.d.). Dispose of according to your local recycling program. Our goal is to transition to 100% renewable power by 2020. The sodium content is mostly derived from the added sea salt. 1. To get there, we’re finding innovative ways to reduce our energy needs while also boosting our production of renewable energy. If you can't find Califia Farms in store, we want to hear from you. INDUSTRY. The health of the natural world is a priority of ours, and the health of honeybees is critical to our company’s supply chain — without bees, almond trees can’t grow almonds! Increasingly, consumers are realizing the importance of probiotics for their enormous digestive and immune health benefits. Geyer, R. and Kendall, A. **Comparing Califia Farms Unsweetened Almondmilk and Oatmilks to US produced cow’s milk. They are all under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union. It’s called a … I own a small business, and I’d like to stock Califia Farms. Most importantly, it’s a 2018. Can I return my order? Our products resolve a conflict for consumers who are looking for probiotic yogurts, but want to stay dairy-free, deliciously. 6. We ship our shelf-stable products in corrugated box and paper. What accounts for the sodium content in your products? Please immediately email us at hello@califiafarms.com or click ‘Contact Us’ on our website. Click the tracking number, and it will redirect you to the courier's website where you can keep track of your order. Not to mention, great coffee. You're sold out of the product(s) I want. 390, 2037–49. Our bottled products (Plant Milks, Creamers, Cold Brew Coffees, Juices and some Seasonals) are perishable and must always be refrigerated. Califia Farms has Food Safety protocols in place to eliminate the risk for peanut cross -contamination at our production facilities, and our almond and other tree nut (cashew, macadamia, and coconut) suppliers have exclusively tree nut processes. So go ahead and steam it! Does my product need to be refrigerated before opening? You can find Califia Farms products in many stores, but we recommend calling ahead to see if it's in stock. You should see a ‘Shipped To’ option, and then click ‘Change Shipping Address’ where you can update your information. We recently completed a robust Direct Trade coffee sourcing program. Both the label sleeves on bottles as well as the plastic caps are recyclable. How can I cancel a one-time order? Califia Farms LP was founded in 2011. All of our products are 100% non-GMO. 4. We endeavor to make plant-based foods that are delicious and easily accessible so that choosing health and caring for the environment is available to everyone and doesn’t mean compromising on taste.