Its raised middle makes stovetop work more difficult than our flat-bottomed picks. That’s big enough to accommodate up to a 20-pound turkey or a large amount of vegetables without overcrowding the pan. The rack that comes with the pan is a narrow deep-V shape that looks dwarfed by a modest pork loin roast and would probably be a precarious fit for a 15-pound turkey.

You can’t easily fit two whole chickens in this pan like you can in our rectangular picks. But if you do need one only once a year, the Granite Ware 19-inch Covered Oval Roaster (F0510) is a serviceable, modestly priced alternative (and it also fits in smaller ovens). A large, rectangular pan makes a great bain marie (a hot water bath for baking delicate custards such as crème brûleé and cheesecake), and is perfect for layered casseroles such as lasagna.

This 16-inch roaster looks like the MultiClad Pro, except that both the roasting pan and the rack do not have a nonstick coating.

You can also serve huge portions of food in your roasting pan if you are lacking those huge plates. The roasting pan comes in three sizes — 3-quart, 5 1/4-quart and 7-quart — and 10 colors.

This can be a bit flimsy especially for heavier loads so it is better to purchase a roasting pan sporting those large loopy handles that are permanently fixed with rivets. One advantage of the Chef’s Classic is the design of its corners. KitchenAid’s riveted handles are slightly smaller than those on our top pick, but both are sturdy and provide a confident grip. You probably don't roast large cuts of meat very often, so you might not need a huge, deep roasting pan. This is not the only admirable thing about the Contemporary. Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan / Roaster with Rack - 17 Inch x 13 Inch, chocolate Brown. This is what the Viking Culinary Roasting Pan provides.

It also makes for a great alternative to the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro. This heavy-duty roaster has a slightly larger cooking area and more versatile rack than our top pick.

Roasting pans with a flat bottom are best for easy searing and for whisking roux and gravy. If you can afford it, the All-Clad Flared Roaster does everything our main pick does, but better.
A rack raises your meat off the bottom of the pan and out of its juices so you can retain the skin crispiness of your roast. The handles are triple-riveted for extra support so you can feel secure transferring heavy dishes in and out of the oven. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. A factor that is always being overlooked but plays an important role in the lifting of the x kilograms of weight in and out of your oven and out to your table for your guests to enjoy. All-Clad showed the best heat distribution on the stovetop, searing chicken pieces consistently across the pan. Granite Ware’s oval shape is good for roasting one large item, like a turkey and a big roast, but it lacks versatility. However, the rack is nonstick coated, so opt for a gentle scouring sponge when cleaning.

Here, our seven of our top roasting pan picks for every kitchen and budget. This massively popular kit is currently on sale for $100 off. Some Amazon reviewers complain about the pan pitting, or arriving damaged, but we haven’t experienced this.