English Tamil Dictionary | இங்கிலீஷ் தமிழ் நிகண்டு, depression, natural depression, impression, imprint, clinical depression, depressive disorder, economic crisis, slump, low, great depression. Tamil words for mental depression include மனச்சோர்வு and உளச் சோர்வுடையோர். Tamil Meaning of Depression Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL language with its free online services. மனத்தளர்ச்சி அல்லது மனச்சோர்வு அல்லது உளச்சோர்வு (Depression) என்பது மன வெறுப்பு போன்ற ஒரு அசாதாரண மன நிலையைக் கொண்டிருத்தலாகும். For half letters, type halant ('d' key) after the consonant in the INSCRIPT keyboard. Tamil language is one of the famous and ancient Dravidian languages spoken by people in Tamil Nadu and the 5th most spoken language in India. We provide a facility to save words in lists. To manage lists, a member account is necessary. Learn the most important words in Tamil Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Tamil. Find more Tamil words at wordhippo.com! And we contantly add more new words to our dictionary. Depression Meaning. Note that 'matra' is added after the consonant. You can create your own lists to words based on topics. Tamil Words English Meanings . DEPRESSION meaning in tamil, DEPRESSION pictures, DEPRESSION pronunciation, DEPRESSION translation,DEPRESSION definition are included in the result of DEPRESSION meaning in tamil at kitkatwords.com, a free online English tamil Picture dictionary. Tamil meaning of Depression is as below... Depression : அழுத்தக் குறைவு Tamil is also an official spoken language in Sri L anka & Singapore. Tamil is a very old classical language and has inscriptions from 500 B.C and plays a significant role as a language in the world today. Now lets form Tamil words combining vowels with consonants. Meaning and definitions of Depression, translation in tamil language for Depression with similar and opposite words. அகராதி Tamil Dictionary is the world's best online Tamil Dictionary. Tamil Words English Meanings. 100,000+ words collection with detailed description of the words, makes it one of the largest such collection in the world. If you are about to travel to Tamil Nadu, this is … அதிக தூக்கம் அல்லது தூக்கமின்மைக்கு உள்ளாவார்கள். What Depression means in tamil, Depression meaning in tamil, Depression definition, examples and pronunciation of Depression in tamil language. © 2020 Shabdkosh.com, All rights reserved. ஆ(aa) with consonants. Depression English to Tamil meaning. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. இப்படியான மனநிலை கொண்ட மனிதர்கள் கவலையாக, குழப்பமாக, வெறுமையாக, உதவியற்றவர்களாக, எதிர்பார்ப்பற்றவர்களாக, மதிப்பற்றவர்களாக, குற்ற உணர்வுடையவர்களாக, எரிச்சலடைபவர்களாக, அமைதியற்றவர்களாக உணரத் தலைப்படுவர். Also find spoken pronunciation of Depression in tamil and in English language. விடயங்களையும் விபரங்களையும் நினைவில் நிறுத்த முடியாமை, உறுதியாகச் செயல்படவோ, முடிவுகளை எடுக்கவோ முடியாமை போன்ற நிலைக்கு ஆளாகி, தற்கொலை முயற்சிக்கும் தள்ளப்படுவர். What is the Tamil word for Depression. a period during the 1930s when there was a worldwide economic depression and mass unemployment, a sunken or depressed geological formation, angular distance below the horizon (especially of a celestial object), a concavity in a surface produced by pressing, a state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention, a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity, a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment, an air mass of lower pressure; often brings precipitation. ஆமை ( aamai ) Tortoise: பாப்பா ( Paappaa ) Baby: காது ( Kaathu ) Ear: மாலை ( Maalai ) Evening: சாலை ( Saalai ) Road: இ ( i ) with consonants.