Shortly after, he renovated the stable. Ezio took her to the water, where a thief named Ugo took her onto a gondola. However, he heard his father whisper that he did not agree with Cesare to conquer Italy. Having killed Malfatto, he stopped the attacks on his brothel's courtesans. In September 1503 Ezio was informed by Claudia that an interrogated Cardinal revealed a meeting between Cesare and other Cardinals in the countryside, so he planned to break up Cesare's meeting with the Cardinals to ensure that he did not successfully petition for aid. He also saved Giovanni Migliore from a fight around the same time, and Migliore was recruited into the Order. This was the last guard tower in the Antico District, and he fully liberated the area. Silenzio. He also heard from another thief that they were going to perform the play "Pieta", about Jesus' death, that night, and he heard from another thief that Pietro was to be suspended, so Ezio made plans to stop the attempt. Ezio slew the bodyguards and watched as D'Alesio's insanity melted away until he died of his wounds. He then returned to the caravan post outside of the castle and bought a trip to the Dorsoduro District for 100 florins. Rather than sneak, he was given command of an army of Mario's mercenaries and sent to subdue the villa guards and kill Francesco Salviati.

Shortly after, Ezio took down Tommaso di Viterbo's Borgia guard tower, killing him in a manner similar to Donato; he dragged him off his horse, but this time it was him who stabbed him through the neck with his hidden blades. Ezio returned to his room, bathing, where Caterina Sforza came. Death by Origin Story: Though it's clear he intended to eventually train Ezio towards becoming an Assassin, his death considerably sped up the process. He killed all of the guards with poison darts, and when the next one picked it up (and the next one), he also shot them with poison darts.

Vengeance clouded my mind. He sent Primo Penna, Vittorio Veneto, Mino Recoveri, and Paolo Simoni to assassinate a Templar thief who had been stealing from his allies in Lisbon, Portugal, and they came back successfully. They were Borgia-bought, and they targeted Borgia enemy Desiderius Erasmus, a religious reformer.

One day, he met a man burying his wife, and he told Ezio that she was killed by Lia de Russo, a Templar agent. They walked into an alley, where he found Rodrigo Borgia, who said that Doge Mocenigo would die that night, and once that deed was done, Marco would take his place. With the assassinations of the Borgia captains, Ezio removed a large amount of injustice that was laid upon the farmers of Rome, who were grateful for his actions. Ezio reached the target's location, where he hid in a well behind Lama. He told Ezio that today, Cesare commanded his men, but soon they would be free. hope this piece of work will add value to your life. Ezio then descended to the street, where he killed the pursuing Venetians. He also assassinated Afro Triola, a Borgia messenger, taking his money away from the Templars. After killing them, Ezio headed to Santa Maria Assunta, where he helped to fight off attackers who ambushed Mario. To discover what our father did not.

Suleiman told Ezio that to get to the Janissary barracks to find the weapons, he would have to become a Janissary himself. Ezio called in Mino Ricoveri, Vittorio Vitale, Paolo Simoni, and Primo Penna to help him, and although they were all killed, Ezio managed to kill the remaining Borgia soldiers without them. Sofia curiously asked him what his purpose was, and he told her that he was a teacher of some kind, and one day he would tell her the whole story.

When he looked at it, he found out that it was "Aesop's Fables" by Socrates. Bartolomeo said that nobility came from fighting alongside soldiers, not kidnapping women to prevent a battle. He snuck up behind the man and stabbed him in the back with his hidden blades, killing him. Do not follow me, or anyone else. Sofia told him that a thief stole a painting from the store when Ezio asked what happened, and Ezio told her that he would find him. After these tasks, he met with Machiavelli. Using eagle vision, he noticed two clues of dead Assassins, and he found a man they called "The Sentinel" show up and try to flee. Maffei died, scolding Ezio, and he was the last of the minor conspirators to die. He opened a secret door at the Forum of the Ox using his hookblade, and explored the sewer. Ezio pulled Mancini off of his horse and pulled him to the ground, but a knight of the Papal States stood in his way, forcing Ezio to fight him. In the Campagna District, he took an assassination contract from Machiavelli: he targeted Cesare'es expert arquebusiers Liberato Polimeni, Muziano Palleschi, and Geronimo Tomassini. She told him that it was a gift for her 28th birthday from her father, with Albrecht Durer painting her over the course of one week. Giovanni argued to Alberti that he had given him documents, but Alberti said that there were no documents and no evidence. Later, Ezio decided to test Leonardo's machine by jumping off a tower, attempting to control his weight in order to determine weight and direction. He also pointed out Borgia Towers across Rome that kept Templar control, so he eliminated Borgia influence from a part of the Centro District by killing Captain Iacopo de Grassi and burning down his tower. And for the vast and wonderful world that gave us life, and keeps us guessing. He also killed corrupt officials Salvatore da San Gimignano and Marco de Avilo while in San Gimignano hunting down two pages. He placed the Apple back where it belonged, in The Vault under the Vatican. Ezio chased him down to a pier, where he confronted Ezio, saying that he fought to restore peace to the troubled lands. When Antonio remarked that only birds could enter the palazzo, Ezio remembered Leonardo's flying machine that he invented. Disguised as a Janissary, Ezio followed the Janissaries to their compound and located Tarik Barleti to learn where he had sent the weapons purchased by Manuel, while being careful - his disguise was not perfect. Ezio collected four pages and brought them to the home, and found his sister Claudia with a logbook, and found out that Mario made her write down improvements for the city and upgrades. He located a hidden switch using Eagle Vision, and opened a tunnel. However, his speech ended when he saw Ezio approaching, and he sent his men to cut him down. Sofia told Ezio that her parcel that she wanted delivered was on an impounded ship, so Ezio snuck aboard and brought it back to her. He killed them all and found the Cistern key on the corpse of a Byzantine captain.

However, he was told that the Janissaries raised the Halic (Golden Horn) Great Chain because of Tarik's death, and they did not want anyone to escape. D'Alesio started to see illusions, hacking around him with his sword and killing an innocent man atop his horse. Ezio shouted at the dead boy of Vieri, but Mario stepped in and told him to have some respect, and Mario gave Ezio a letter picked from Vieri's body. Before he left, he found the tomb of Darius, who assassinated Xerxes I of Persia in 465 BC, and took his seal from his sarcophagus. Antonio told him that they would strike soon, but they had to recover from the failed attempt to rob the Pallazzo della Seta. Who will greet me? He looted 200 florins so that he could go to the doctor and tend to his facial wound. This is why I have come so far. Ezio attempted to intervene, but Alberti ordered the guards to arrest him. Ezio found the scroll and left the ruins through a nearby gate, having achieved his goal. Yusuf revealed that there were hidden tunnels that Ezio could use to travel quickly throughout the city. They were really the soldiers of Fabio Orsini, who had him jailed on the orders of Pope Julius II for treachery, murder, betrayal, and incest. Ezio was one seal closer to opening the gates to the armor of the legendary assassin Altair Ibn-La'Ahad in the vault in Monteriggioni. The spy, Dilara, was imprisoned by the Byzantines, who were led by Turkish renegade Şahkulu, so with her fate uncertain, Ezio decided to find and rescue Dilara before it was too late.