To complete your request, follow the instructions which you will see on the screen. 2. Professional License Renewals. If your profession title is not listed below then either you are not required to renew at this time or your profession title is not regulated by this department. For the current 2019–2021 LSW/LCSW Renewal Cycle Only: NASW-IL was successful in our efforts to advocate for waiver of the in-person CEU requirements by IDFPR due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IDFPR is working hard to bring more initial applications online in the coming months. Shall be in-person or web-based, and shall include, at a minimum, information on the following topics: indicators for recognizing child abuse and child neglect, as defined under this Act; the process for reporting suspected child abuse and child neglect in Illinois as required by this Act and the required documentation; responding to a child in a trauma-informed manner; and. GP0|#6b91e099-acba-4d25-884d-9f27705778ae;L0|#06b91e099-acba-4d25-884d-9f27705778ae|IDFPR;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9

Additionally, any continuing education accrued for the mandated reporter training shall count toward licensure renewal (Effective January 1, 2021). SURVEY: We are requesting approximately 5 minutes of your time. View Important COVID-19 Information and Forms from IDFPR here! You will be able to renew for approximately 2-3 months prior to the … The SECOND law states that every employee in Illinois must take a 1-hour sexual harassment prevention course each year. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s mission is:

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Introducing the NASW-Illinois Chapter Mandated Reporter Training!

to the Renewal section of the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation website. All of these licenses were previously required to renew by July 31, 2020 and are now extended to September 30, 2020. License Renewal. Renew your license and update your contact information online. The training must be provided either through IDFPR or an approved license provider (like the NASW-Illinois Chapter and affiliates). 3. Still have questions about licensure? Print Renewal If your license is active and you have not received your renewal application, click here to view and print the application for your profession.

Taught by longtime NASW-Illinois Chapter presenter Joseph T. Monahan, JD, MSW, ACSW, founder of the Chicago law firm, Monahan Law Group, LLC, this training will include the practical effects of the new statutory changes, the legal standards and documentation requirements regarding making a report, and the DCFS process and the consequences of making (or not making) a report. Check our events calendar as upcoming courses are announced for early spring 2020. The NASW-Illinois Chapter website has a plethora of information relating to licensure, from supervision requirements, the licensing process, testing procedures, and more. This has been a trying time for all and we hope this news provides some relief to our membership.

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IDFPR also allows for out of state practitioners to practice in Illinois under certain circumstances. The NASW-Illinois Chapter will be offering a three-hour, in-person training to discuss the required parameters for a mandated reporter training as dictated by IDFPR. Pin: OR: License Number: Be sure to include leading zeros and do not type the hyphen or a period or a decimal. However, in the interim, we strongly recommend that social workers work with their employers to either 1) utilize the state’s online course on sexual harassment prevention, or 2) have their employer work with a licensed provider of social work CEUs to provide the training to fulfill both licensure and state law requirements at once. If you can't find an answer on our site please click here to contact us. IDFPR also allows for out of state practitioners to practice in Illinois under certain circumstances. A Note on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements: Beginning January 1, 2020, two new Illinois state laws will go into effect that require sexual harassment prevention training: The FIRST law mandates that every licensed professional regulated by IDFPR must have at least 1 hour of sexual harassment prevention training as part of their licensure renewal process for renewals after January 1, 2020. This requirement did not apply to all professions regulated by IDFPR. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of professions which are currently in renewal. Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation320 W. Washington, 3rd Floor Springfield, IL 62786, Copyright © 1997-2020 Iron Data Solutions All Rights Reserved This is a Google search of, at the bottom of the search results page there will be numbers for the pages of results.

New Applications. Professional License Renewals GP0|#6b91e099-acba-4d25-884d-9f27705778ae;L0|#06b91e099-acba-4d25-884d-9f27705778ae|IDFPR;GTSet|#21807e74-47bf-4df7-ae5f-27785913b5c9 Renew your Illinois professional license on IDFPR's Online Licensure Renewal page. Register ... To Ensure that Competent Professionals are Licensed to Provide Services to the Public To Enhance Commerce in the State for the Benefit of all its Residents To learn more about the agency mission and strategic vision please click here. You can print instructions so that you have them for reference as you complete your renewal. Financial & Professional Regulation State of Illinois | Illinois Privacy Information | Accessibility | Contact IDFPR, State of Illinois | Illinois Privacy Information | Accessibility | Contact IDFPR. Forgot Password? Each mandated reporter shall report to his or her employer and, when applicable, to his or her licensing or certification board that he or she received the mandated reporter training.