Below are the reports of Cornell hazing violations that occurred during the indicated academic year. Almost five months later, Kairon’s dad Steven says his son is on the road to recovery. Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc., Multicultural Greek and Fraternal Council chapter, Delta Chi, Interfraternity Council chapter, Lambda Chi Alpha, Interfraternity Council chapter, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interfraternity Council chapter. 88 Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Sigma Omega. The MIT News Office said that the brothers of the fraternity would be required to move out by Sunday and that the building would close. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. One student also was arrested on a negligent homicide count. COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - A fraternity at the University of South Carolina has been suspended after university officials found evidence of hazing. >> IF YOU DO AN AGGRAVATED COERCION, FORCE THEM TO DO SOMETHING THAT IS ILLEGAL LIKE GO PICK UP DRUGS OR ENGAGE IN BINGE DRINKING, THEN YOU COULD BE SUBJECT TO FIVE YEARS. Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity has been suspended from UofSC’s campus until at least August 2023. No one from the Epsilon-Psi chapter at UofSC can represent Lambda Chi and they cannot gather as Lambda Chi, the national organization said. The Review Board’s findings were upheld on appeal and recognition of Sigma Phi Epsilon was withdrawn for a period of no less than four years. District Ch. Loss of individuality by, for example, being referred to only by labels such as “Conquistador #1.”. At the time, the chapter was on provisional recognition status as a result of spring 2017 hazing and alcohol use violations. Less than a month after starting college, LSU freshman Maxwell Gruver spent the last hours o…. It is Sigma Lambda Chi. >> IN SOUTH CAROLINA, IF YOU DIE FROM HAZING, IT’S A MISDEMEANOR AND THERE’S A 30 DAY PENALTY AND A $500 FINE. This is the first time a Southeastern-based fraternity has been removed due to conduct. Ayman Naji. Such Probationary Recognition may include other specific limitations to the chapter's recognition status as may be deemed appropriate at that time. Lambda Chi's departure from campus comes as LSU administrators have vowed to scrutinize and root out bad behavior from fraternities and sororities. It's unclear when Lambda Chi would be allowed to return to LSU. The university provides extensive education and training to new and existing members of fraternities and sororities about hazing and other abusive behaviors, and how to report it if it occurs.