Do I need to have both GRE and TOEFL for applying? Whatever floats your creative boat. Intention to submit a RPP by Monday 14 September 2020; Email to inform The ACRC Academy that you intend to submit a Supervisor-led PhD project proposal application.. my beachlore degree is 3.20 english & american literature and lingustistics – Industrial production engineering

I’m an Indian settled in UAE. Submit a Research Qualification (RQ) Document to the Graduate Office. M.TECH – RTU (69.32) ). B.TECH – NIT (67.67) exp->2 year I want to complete my phd in mechanical /industrial engineering? So, first 2 years you will be taking variety of courses (Diversity courses). Please reply and all comments will be appreciated. Do the universities in U.S considers India Msc as Master program or as Bachelor program. You can pply for PhD right after Bachelors degree (B.E., BSc or B.S.).

Hai …I completed pharmd (doctor of pharmacy) now I want to masters in emergency medicine so can u sugest the procedure how to apply. most of the univs accept PhD applications only for Fall and deadlines for fall- 2013 are almost over.So better try for Fall 2014 and good scores are required for admission into PhD It is here to give a direction, and if used regularly it can give a feeling of moving forward. I have many of gapes its just due to my financial and personal problems. need guidness for an easy study ,minimum cources a & years of studies pleas. I have 4years work experience in medical laboratory after B.Sc and 7months after M.Sc and 2 projects on my hand (one of summer non thesis and second is final project with thesis). A Gantt Chart showing 3 year PhD timeline. Being out of touch from my graduating institution getting recommendation from IIT guide and professors would be difficult. Can you please suggest me good universities with their admission requirements. Hi, I have one national level training certificate and one best poster presentation certificate. Completing an MPhil to PhD upgrade. 3) My current F1 visa is still valid till (Oct 2010-Nov 2015). Timeline of requirements: Part-time PhD The following timeline sets out the chronology of part-time PhD in 3 phases: ‘Starting out’, ‘Mid-term goals’ and ‘Finishing up’ Overview Month Detailed requirements ‘Starting out’ Attend welcome and induction events Undertake a … 10 std->80%(West Bengal board) Timeline and procedure will vary between universities, but above listed steps will give an overall idea about completing PhD and time required to complete Doctorate degree.

PG(M-Tech-VLSI & MICROELECTRONICS)->9.46/10(IIT B) After graduating I was working for a non-profitable non-governmental organization. What do you say about it? Can you tell me I am going on correct path or I should drop this idea. can i do my phd in Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems or software engineering in us?