As a couple, you are the centerpiece of your family, and if the couple isn't strong, the family isn't strong. I just want a companion to talk to, make me laugh when I'm sad, and hold me at night. You need the space to enjoy each other's company, to share interests and experiences, and to have fun. Remember, it requires both people to be committed to the health of the relationship in order for it to thrive. The ideal partner has a sense of humor. The fifth step in being able to attract and create your ideal relationship is defining your ideal relationship and partner. Make a point to connect physically several times a day. Not romantic at all. Emotional intimacy is the foundation for a healthy sexual relationship, and the combination creates a deep bond between two people. A sense of humor can be a lifesaver in a relationship. Recognize that as a result of the previous six steps you have already developed new relationship patterns. Healthy relationships involve commitment, self-awareness, and empathy. Would have to be monogamous and long-lasting and involve kisses and swooning. So I guess my question for anyone who would like to answer is, what is your ideal relationship? Studies have shown that couples who enjoy regular physical affection tend to be happier and more satisfied with their relationship. I am having a lot of trouble seeing through that veil to see what I could really want out of a relationship. As you review these 15 signs of a good relationship, think carefully about your own marriage or partnership and how healthy it is. Invite your spouse to read this article, and discuss the points together. Someone who can perhaps make me see the world from different perspectives, and enjoys discussing different religions,cultures, and philosophies for fun. Your words have more power than you can possibly imagine. You and your partner should reinforce and demonstrate this commitment in your daily, even hourly, efforts to keeping the relationship healthy and thriving. The signs of a good relationship aren't always easy to spot in the early phase of a love affair. A girl that loves to cuddle and walk around gaze, watch the sunset and a girl that doesn't want sex. What it boils down to is: romantic asexual long-term companionship, sharing everything except sex and having kids. Copyright © 2018 - Woment At Work | Indian Woman's Magazine. Emotional intimacy is the closeness you share together. You feel compelled to get things back on track because of your love for each other and your deep value of the relationship itself. Even though I've never had a boyfriend (because asexual guys with same opinions and interests are rarer than rainbow-colored unicorns), but I'm a hopeless romantic. I love my dogs and they're happiest when they are with me. You offer this support not just in your words but in your actions. You don't try to diminish each other or focus on flaws or past mistakes. i need someone who i can really depend on emotionally since i can be a little unstable in that area. Another word for boundaries is limits. Your ideal partner is just around the corner of your ideal life. After we kids, I would prefer to be a stay at home mother since I think it’s important for a parent to be heavily involved in their children’s life. Here are 15 signs of a good relationship: 1. If I actually did click with someone in a way that could be described as a "serious romantic partner" though (which is the only case in which a relationship could get sexual with me, btw), then I can imagine being part of something a bit more quasi-monogamous - and I have no problem with granting sexual exclusivity - but the idea of emotional openness would still have to remain. What do you want to do for a living? I have been thinking about this subject a lot lately and I think it would be really interesting to hear other people's thoughts on the subject. Both partners MUST be committed to putting the relationship as their top life priority. Been there, done that, and it felt completely unnatural and limiting, in both directions. You show your spouse that you want them to succeed. when it comes to expressing intimacy i would probably prefer to do so sensually, like cuddling. If can differ from couple to couple, but there are some universal elements that in all real relationships that are happy, healthy, and strong. Sorry if this sounds like a dating ad (not sorry). It's easy to become complacent with your partner once the initial infatuation phase has ended. As for kids, I want one or two, much later in life. I would like to have a romantic style "best friend" kind of relationship. They also recover more quickly from conflict. :D. A friend in whom I can always trust with my affairs, who will indulge mutually in my recreation, and who will champion the same values as mine and never force me to compromise my conscience and sense of integrity. You are honestly able to say that not only is this person your lover, life partner, and co-parent — he or she is your best friend. Part of me wishes that categories like "friend" and "lover" would completely disappear out of the socio-cultural lexicon, and then all our relationships could be defined from blank slates. How you and your partner interact with each other at the beginning of your relationship will lay the foundation for how you relate to each other for the duration of your time together. The tenth and last step in being able to attract and create your ideal relationship is about learning how to be in a relationship once you have attracted your ideal partner. Socialize as a way to create a rich, satisfying life and a way to create a supportive, vibrant community. Solid, healthy relationships are grounded in friendship. It can't be a one-sided relationship, and it can't be neglected. On a sappy sort of personal note, they have to love music - we can share a similar taste and introduce each other to new stuff. What’s more, your needs are THE criteria for choosing a partner. Of course, we enter a love relationship initially because, well, we fall in love. In this context, each person feels wholly accepted, respected, and worthy in the eyes of their partner. I would prefer someone who is sort of geeky, bookish, and quirky. I had said that I don't want kissing in a relationship, but I guess kissing on the cheek or forehead would be something I wouldn't mind or that I would even like. Someone should invent a word for something that's in between. They are neither. He would be my special someone as I hope I would be to him. If you're laughing and enjoying yourselves, it's good for your intimacy and connection. Both people feel safe and free to express concerns, disappointments, and frustrations, and both of you feel motivated to find resolution or seek compromise when necessary. Each of us is free to establish new romantic connections, even if we don't actually do it for whatever reason. Emotional intimacy can be fostered by becoming more familiar with your own feelings, needs, fears, and desires. Knowing that romantically, I love them and they love me. See people for who they are and not for who you want them to be or who you are afraid they are. To define your true ideal relationship and partner, ask yourself not what you want but what you need. The seventh step in being able to attract and create your ideal relationship is to develop new relationship patterns to replace your old ineffective patterns. The popular version of this exercise, however, will only serve to keep you out of a relationship and lonely, as it will have you create a fantasy. I'm not interested in having kids. Many relationships fall apart because the partners are basically living separate lives. But it's how you handle those rifts that make the difference in a solid connection and one that's on rocky ground. But remember when you were first dating and how much fun you had together? My ideal relationship role is to be equals and both contribute to the relationship. Over time, many couples wind up in their separate corners, scowling at each other from a distance. I would love to find my asexual prince charming and get married some day, but I would never want children, adopted or otherwise, just not for me.