WoW’s storytelling has made most races (but particularly the Horde) develop different degrees of cults of personality because it was specific leaders that at some point were instrumental in their survival. She considers herself the rightful leader of Lordaeron and wants to help her people, which would be largely the Forsaken, as a good chunk of them are the former residence. I think we can look back and realize this is how it should have been all along. Let the different races and kingdoms and territories have conflict rather than two arbitrary factions. The Risen have continued to follow the light as zealously as they did in life.

It seems you didn’t read the masterwork of Christie Golden She wanted for some reason, yes, but she didn’t cared about their interests. Calia Menethil is probably the only chance for a decent leader of the forsaken. I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was said in Before the Storm that she wanted to go to Undercity and be there for her people, but she couldn’t because she’s now the Warchief of the Horde. No Forsaken fan with dignity should support this Calia crap. Light and Undead shouldn’t go in together ever. It breaks the world when you have the same o’l people doing some shifty-evil stuff only to be put in place for it to happen in another couple of years. It took you 15 years but you understand she is simply the better leader for the forsaken. Why does every single person think that forsaken players need “decency”? No honestly I would rather get Calia as the forsaken leader and dissolve the factions. But as a + it leaves the forsaken alone, removing any risk of doing something dumb to the faction I mean the forsaken faction and its intently has already been hit hard this expansion. And everyone who follows a source like void or light is kinds manipulated, but it seems that Sylvanas doesn’t have problems to use an Old God dagger and support his release.

Blizzard Watch is made possible by people like you. Sylvanas : “Reality is often disappointing, that is it was, now, reality can be whatever I want.” uses infinite stone. Calia? © 2020 On Click Creative, LLC. There’s still a lot that remains, but I’m excited to see where it goes. If Calia truly believes she’s doing the right thing, she could really lead the Forsaken quite well into it’s own faction that isn’t relegated into good or evil, but into a faction striving and struggling for it’s own survival. Calia would be a terrble choice. With Lilian Voss' absence, it does seem to imply that Calia serves an important role for the Forsaken, if not the outright leader.

But then again blizzard’s writing is awful so that’s unlikely. Lilian could represent the Forsaken who’ve been here from the beginning of WoW, Calia could represent the newly turned Humans and those with family still alive, and Delaryn could represent the Elves turned during and after the Battle of Teldrassil. What transpires next is a major step in the future of the Forsaken, and one which features some big names in the world of the undead. General Discussion. “Do not fear dark paths if those paths lead to victory” - Forsaken Proverb, “Do not fear illuminated paths either. However, she does have another line of dialog datamined, but there’s no telling why it’s not currently part of the in-game exchange.

That is a problem with having a war mongering race, they either need to win, get wiped out or put into a position where they have barely anything left. Just like with Baine “Taurajo was a legitemate military target honor!”.

We have Anduin who threatens to hug us all to death…, We have Anduin who threatens to hug us all to death…. The blue happy dumbass tree huggers can have her. Lilian Voss, interim leader of the Forsaken, and Calia Menethil had arrived, stealing the attention of every breathing creature in the hold, and leaving the two reporting braves to shift awkwardly in the sudden silence. Blizzard Watch uses minimal cookies to improve your experience and is in full compliance with the GDPR. Skeletal Horse - The Forsaken used these noble animals as mounts in life so they found it fitting to raise them into death as their mounts.

It starts off with Derek Proudemoore and Calia Menethil together, awaiting Lilian’s arrival.

It is okay though I forgive you for this grave(see what I did there) error in judgement. They’ll be getting basically-human Calia instead. Jaina pretty much asked her to do it.

Blame Blizz. Community. If you do the Horde quest (starts with Lillian on the boat after the mainline Saurfang/Sylvanas story) where you spy for Lillian on Calia and Derek, you can start to see where they’re taking the story. In a way, they presented the ( human ) alliance as it was supposed to be, a worthy opponent who showed no mercy towards their enemies.

Just win, damn it!”

Call me whatever you want but that murdered what interest I had in Cataclysm . Pick/randomly assigned a side when you do a BG, problem solved.

Executors - Military leaders of Forsaken army and overseers over their towns. Sylvanas already showed in Edge of Night that she don’t cared about the forsaken at all and in BtS she only cared about her own interests, not about the interests of the forsaken.

And they had her as a central figure during much of the war campaign, Calia…yuck.

Which is why Blizzard won’t do it. She totally is Alliance. So Blizz gotta hand it to you.

Of course I would find it very interesting if she tries to make peace with the forsaken and humans- but it totally backfires. When you encounter Lilian Voss on the Banshee’s Wail, she has a quest with the end goal of helping the Forsaken regaining the trust of the Horde. Forsaken are a faction of the horde and there you could reach something. Calia has nothing.

The War Campaign is officially ending in patch 8.2.5…, A Resignation and Reflection: My watch has ended,…, Blizzard releases notes for patch 8.2.5, featuring…, Pirate Day walks the plank into World of Warcraft…, Blizzard has improved the Azerite progression…, Dire Maul arrives in WoW Classic next week, but the…. It took you 15 years but you understand she is simply the better leader for the forsaken … She's a sentient undead, like the Forsaken, but was only dead a short time, so she has no decomposing body parts.

Don’t blame me.

I would say welcome the new leader of the Forsaken and wish that she doesn’t get the Sylvanas treatment. Calia isn’t really “alliance friendly” she neutral and was the student of a forsaken priest before she was befriended with Anduin. Good that we have clarified that. NEXT | By Mitch @MitchFizzl. not so much…I want our Forsaken to have NOTHING to do with a “Lightforged” sister of Arthas, Anything arthas related is cool by me…cause I’m a dk ya know, It’s been heavily foreshadowed Calia and Derek become the new Forsaken leaders, outright stated even.

Cause light and undead don’t make a good combo. She’s not too forward about her plan — just that it “could be  abig step… or all go horribly wrong.” She asks you to meet her at the Bulwark in Tirisfal Glades, and doesn’t say much more. As for myself I am a scarlet fan the thought of undead scarlets isn’t something I like but at this stage I don’t see any hope for living crusade making a real comeback so what can you do.

And she recalls everything that has happened. That is the number 1 reason it shouldn’t be Calia. It still affects undead, but now it seems to have a way to avoid it and become something superior. This could ultimately be what makes Calia realize that her people need to come before the needs of the alliance, and she joins the horde fully/breaks off from the alliance in the name of making sure the people of Lorderon survive, fighting back against those that would oppress or prevent them from doing so.

We need a leader passionate about helping the Forsaken and a leader who will shower Tink Tink in praise for EVERY Tink.

Marckô-moon-guard (Marckô) 2019-09-25 02:39:05 UTC #1. Stormwind dissociated itself from them publicly, but still allowed them to do the dirty work for them. We all know it’s going to be Calia.

The Scarlet Risen would be simply a better fit. She doesn’t care about established lore, she wants just her personal fantasy plasted on a race and their leader. I wouldn’t say she doesn’t care for the Forsaken….

Jaina pretty much asked her to do it. Given there’s no follow-up whatsoever, I can only imagine we’re going to get more as the PTR progresses. She doesn’t care about established lore, she wants just her personal fantasy plasted on a race and their leader.