The first part of the "documentary" Zeitgeist is based on the pseudo scholarship of a New Ager who calls herself "Acharya S".
], “I am Isis, who conceived a child by her husband, and she became heavy with Horus, the divine [child]. God wouldn't (Jesus definitely isn't special), Old Test. 146.] Rulers of the Predynastic Period of Egypt known as "Followers of Horus". audience'd hate women witness-heralds, They’d hate them as first witness-heralds, So? Horus Birth. Numerous educational institutions recommend us, including Oxford University and Michigan State University and University of Missouri. Horus is just a characterisation of the actual Sun, and the Sun is 4.57 billion years old. • Is Jesus like a copy of Horus? This was when the annual flooding of the Nile started or ended, I can't remember which. Horus was the sun of Ra, the sun god I believe. “He visited us!” say ‘the 12’ apostles, • E.g. Here's the rundown: god-son is born in the winter, and fertilizes the mother-goddess in the spring. God would still make sure they believe, It could hinder future relationship with God, No, they'd just have an improper relationship, …like one that won't recognize God as good, …e.g. Nature & Climate The religious tolerance page is a little wonky, it's not completely accurate.

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who suckled the child in solitude, no one knew where, assuming theism (Swinburne, 1981), No, relationships always require mutual belief, …not required in possible-hallucination case, …not required in the tapping prisoners case, “God did-it” is just an appeal to ignorance-gaps, No, some at least are deductive/inductive/IBE, Explanations without mechanisms are magic, Explanations citing the supernatural are magic, Explanations which aren't scientific are magic, No, ”magic” is too vague of a notion to decide, No, ”magic” is sooner natural (law-governed), Meaningful claims are verifiable (by senses), No, a competing theory of meaning is true, No, scientific laws can't verify all times/places, No, truths of math/logic are not verifiable, Meaningful claims are falsifiable/testable, An untestable entity is identical to nothing, No, falsifiability/testability is incoherent, No, no statement can actually be falsified, Some unfalsifiable claims seem meaningful, No, theistic explanations can be imagined, No, formed within 3 years of Paul's conversion, No, Jesus is a copy of a mythic deity/motif, …says Hymn to Osiris (stela Louvre C 286), …says Pyramid Texts (Spell 366:632a-633b), …like birth being told by east star w/ kings, No, Horus and Jesus have different titles, Jesus' message fits as Divinely paramount, Jesus is the centerpiece of human history, Jesus uncoincidentally fits messianic prophecy, v2 says “He has no stately form or majesty", v3 says “we despised him ... didn't esteem", v4 says “we held him stricken, smitten of God", v5 says “He was pierced for our transgressions", v6 says “[God] made our iniquity fall on Him”, v7 says “didn't resist; lamb led to slaughter”, v8 says his death is substitutionary atonement, No, v10 says the Servant is a “guilt offering”, No, Jesus fits the Servant of Isaiah 40-50, No, The Servant is a multitude of persons, No, v2, 10 says Servant is stricken with illness, No, v10 says the Servant would have offspring, Jesus uncoincidentally fits Jewish prefiguring, …uncoincidentally parallels the Passover lamb, v5 - Both are free of defect (pure for sacrifice), v7 - The blood of both smears wooden posts, v7 - The blood of both is effectual for the faithful, v9 - Both lambs undergo God's fiery wrath, v13 - The blood of both wards off God's wrath, v9 - The body of both is to be eaten (ritual), …uncoincidentally parallels the binding of Isaac, Both are miraculously promised and conceived, Both are called their father's special “only son”, Both are to be sacrificed by their loving father, Both are to be sacrificed in the same area, Both voluntarily submitted to being sacrificed, Both narratives conclude: God will provide, Both fathers anticipated their son's resurrection, The Jerusalem church taught Jesus was God, Paul believed: Jesus is God (YHWH-Divine), God could vindicate Jesus+Gospel via raising Jesus, Jesus: “Death won’t hold the sinless, just sinners”, Gospels: “Jesus said, ‘by me, get sinless unto life.’”, Paul: “By Jesus, become sinless unto eternal life.”, John the Baptist: “By Jesus, get sinless unto life”, Bible: "God gives all/only the sinless eternal life", Jesus's raised body would signify what ours will be, Raising Jesus is a highest-level Divine mark of favor, So?