Do you think it will work well with yams? Do you think this would also work with thin slices of beetroot/sweet potato to make crisps? Probably not. Also, it’s really important to pat them dry before cooking – the excess moisture on the outside can promote browning. Heya Jules, great cooking technique and I will have to try it. Yay. Try to dry your meat (there are various methods) ahead of time, air drying on a rack in the fridge is even better than patting dry with paper towels.

I just go for it, usually because I waited too long to start cooking and I'm super hungry. I’ve never succeeded in making fries this good without a Fry Daddy. She is in the wary deep frying camp like yourself. As I am really into simple cooking nowadays it may be a while before I try this, but have some serious doubts as to whether you can really get that classic crispyness. I have never heard about it but my wife will be thrilled. It’s a fear that’s been with me all of my cooking life. Would I do it again?

This was an AMAZING technique! Question: how do you get past the fear of hot oil when cooking? Also, use longer tongs if you need to. Someone who really captured my imagination was a guy called Socaí (prounounced socky). Never passed up a free meal, which has led me to become the #36 ranked eater in Major League Eating. Your fries look perfect.

Homemade donuts, similar to homemade clothes, are probably better quality and made with love, but they aren't less expensive. With the cold oil method there are no doubts. I usually reuse the oil 2-3 times but after that it gets a bit manky. Best to choose a saucepan that is large enough so the potatoes and oil only come about half way up the sides to avoid any risk of overflow. September 2015 Of course when I heard about this I was secretly hoping that when I got a chance to cook for Socaí, I’d be able to score a perfect ten. I'm pretty competent in the kitchen. July 2017 Crispy and perfectly cooked! You may be wondering why I would choose to deep-fry something based on my troubled history with the like. I am surprised that the potato doesn’t soak up too much oil like a sponge. with a full glove pot-mit on of course!! Drop them into boiling water for 14 1/2 minutes. Even though thermal-fluid heating systems have been widely used for over 80 years, they still provoke a certain amount of fear and trepidation in users. Not trying to sound like an ass of anything but when I worked at the restaurants for the first time I needed to get over any and all fears quick like a rabbit. August 2015 If you cook, chances are you’ll at some point experience a nick or a cut … I always have issues when browning meat or pan frying where the oil kinda spits everywhere. January 2018 I’ve used both King Edwards and Ottoway Reds with much success.

August 2019 You may just have changed my life. So with the cold oil method and the oil always changing / increasing in temperature you’re giving the chips the chance to cook through and then finishing off with browning at the end higher temp. Required fields are marked *. I mean I can poach, bake, BBQ or saute like the best of them. Wow! I have been disappointed with my own frying results with french fries.

they sound good though I have always believed a fear of deep frying (which I share with you) is healthy in more ways than one – I knew an Irishman a few years ago who actually burnt down his kitchen while frying chips, Thankyou for sharing this post! Try it just once – you’ll be amazed ;). Other wise you run the risk of breaking them up – although this may not be the end of the world. When water hits oil, you get splatter. Still, it was a fun experience. Thanks! I've ruined clothes. Then cook for a few minutes in 375 degree oil to do the primary cooking, then remove them for a few minutes before dumping them back in for 30-40 seconds to crisp up the outsides. (put 1 tbl of vinegar per gallon of water in first. Feel free to cut your chips to your preferred size. He'd just turned 13. Its obscene looking, right? Awesome idea. Yummmm!!! Interested to hear your favourite chip spuds. I sauté things in oil all the time, and that usually works well, but I have been known to fall into autopilot and burn a pan of oil, by turning it to high like I'm boiling water, and then walking away. I tried these for dinner tonight (poutine style: topped with cheese curds and gravy). I don't think it hurts that bad. It's tolerable. I guess I'll stick with the oven mitts lol. This could be right for me. Hope that convinces you to at least try. I'm pretty competent in the kitchen. I think you could easily make the pudding thicker by adding a little more corn starch so it's not so drippy. 2 large potatoes peanut oil for deep frying sea salt, to serve.

I also have serious issues with oil splatter. I have a cover for my pans to avoid making a mess, but I'm legit terrified to flip things in oil for fear of the oil hitting me and burning. Who doesn’t love a few little super crispy bits among their fries. /r/Cooking is a place for the cooks of reddit and those who want to learn how to cook. They look delicious!!! I don't have one of those, because I'm cheap. I agree with everything everybody has said. You see, I have a fear of frying. The secret to really good fries is to braise the chips first. Turn your burner temp down a bit too. I saw a similar technique on America’s Test Kitchen this past weekend. I'm glad I faced my fear, and my house is still intact. You want it to rise enough that it doubles in size. Press J to jump to the feed. The other thing I learned at that time was to be careful using the overhead exhaust when frying as the flames were nearly drawn up into it and of course that could have been much worse! No need for thermometers, or par-boiling first, or cooking at two different temperatures. I know it is a bit dangerous Jo! What a success! So tried it out. His family is from Hawaii, and. You now have fresh donuts. It’s never a bad idea to use eye protection when frying either. Knowing how picky and exacting the French are, I am sure we lose something using the simpler method, and my guess is that extra crispiness. Best to play it safe and keep at least one eye on things. Hope that helps. June 2015 i’ve never thought of cooking with cold oil but if it works then i’ll definitely give it a go.

When I was in Ireland earlier in the year, I met some wonderful characters. “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Same goes for when you first put something like a steak in a pan; it should first touch the pan closest to you, then be laid down away from you.

I loved the tip of putting them on parchment paper for the final rise, and then cutting them up, so you can use the paper to lower them into the oil. June 2016 A bit of splattering oil never killed nobody. March 2016 Oct 30, 2013. I have long eyelashes though. Haven’t tried it but certainly will now!

I'm not actually concerned for my eyes. December 2017 You’ll still need to keep an eye on them but I haven’t had any dangerous incidents with this technique, I enjoyed your recipe and the other comments. I’ve never dared make my own for the same dislike of deep frying! Throughout all my years of skincare, oil has been the enemy. I’ve been using this recipe lately and they are fantastic. June 2018 I have been cold frying for years using a pan on a gas stove. September 2016

Karen LOVE your story – there’s definitely a good reason behind the fear of frying. I’ve kept the oil – is it ok to re-use? Another reason I’ve avoided frying is what seems like a waste of oil. November 2015 It worked perfectly.

Let me know if you do give it a go. If you just fried them at the lower temp they would cook though and go mushy without browning. But I’d really like to hear that confirmed by an active cook (not afraid of frying pots) ;-).

January 2016

I can buy a dozen donuts for less money, and it'll take minutes to pick them up, as opposed to the four hours it took to make these bad boys. I am completely blown away by this method. If you tried this with crumbed chicken or battered fish you would just end up with a very greasy mess. Don't know what cookware you are using, but also consider a skillet with higher sides, and understand heat requirements when searing meat, and which oils you are using. There’s no need to mess around with thermometers and hitting particular temperatures. If the oil is splattering, it's because your ingredients are wet. These look absolutely splendid though. Got any solutions for that? I found the recipe on the web elsewhere though. Thinking that it will only be suitable for things like potato that need a fair bit of cooking in the middle and that aren’t very porous.

Hooray for chips! It makes sense you are careful. Others might want to be more careful. I just tried these tonight and they worked perfectly! You only need to use an extra dose of caution to safely and effectively use them. And if you just fried at the higher temp (even in 2 batches) the outside would brown before the middles had a chance to cook through. Continue to cook until they’re a good chip colour. My arsenal consisted of triclosan-laden Clearasil, alcoholic Sea Breeze (so potent that nail salons use it as a disinfectant), and the benzoyl peroxide-heavy Oxy 10. Bring to an energetic simmer and let them cook away without touching them.

_________________________________________________________. May 2017 The classic method as I recall it is to fry in 2 steps, and to let the cooked fries cool off *before* the final frying. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

I have a cover for my pans to avoid making a mess, but I'm legit terrified to flip things in oil for fear of the oil hitting me and burning. Definitely something I’ll make again :), Reading it, sounds fine. Are they supposed to be as crispy as regular chips? Dry them completely. Easier than baking (I actually ran across this method when I was looking up baking temps) and way easier than traditional frying methods. You mentioned you can strain and save it, but how long does it keep and how many times can you reuse it? I’ve used high oleic sunflower oil when I was working in the food industry in baked goods and cereals… It’s definitely a better choice than regular sunfower oil or vegetable oils. I was a bit concerned as you were but have had success both ways. When you flip the food (assuming it's a flat thing like a steak), flip it away from you so that if it does splash, the splash is directed away from you. I havent tried Kennebecs Mick Thanks for the suggestion! For a meal to get a perfect score it needed to include chips. start with cold oil One of the things that really worried me about deep frying in the past was knowing when the oil was at the right temperature to start frying. It seems to me that there must be a big difference between the two – a gas flame would get the oil hot a lot quicker, so that must affect the cooking process? It started when I was a teenager, where I used skincare products like weapons in a losing battle with acne. Had an electric deep fat fryer for Christmas. The best way to ensure you don’t get a stinky oil smell while frying is to burn a candle above the stove (on a shelf or on the rangehood). Hi Paula I haven’t tried it with yams but it should work in theory. I wrap my hand in a towel or use an oven mitt to avoid getting hit with the oil.