Mainly used against onion rot/mould and it has helped without any noticeable effect. As non-flying insects, weevils travel from plant to plant by walking. About Me  | Contact Me  |  Site Map  |  Newsletter  |  Website Policies Jeyes fluid cannot be beaten grew up with it for almost everything, from the lavatory to the garden and everything else in between. I have vine weevil grubs in my five large runner bean tubs. Why don't you follow the instructions at the top of this page and use a tablespn to a watering can of 2 gallons, that sounds mild to me. Where can I buy Jeyes Fluid from. Once when visiting a nursery I commented on how good the tomatoes looked - how could I get mine to grow like that ? Is this fluid which comes in slightly different degrees of chemical content and containers, the original real McCoy or have I completely buggered up? hi i have used jayes fluid on two of my raised beds. I've tried digging out the area and filling with heavily limed water as well but that's no use either. I have two raised planters which both have soil from the same source however one has developed a mass spread of mushrooms. ON AN OLD TIN OF JEYES IT RECOMMENDS 25ML OF JEYES TO 10 LITRES OF WATER. I think the EU has banned it from being used in gardens (not that that always stops people). I have just sprayed my roses with dilute Jeyes fluid disinfectant however I'm worrying now that I have murdered them!!!!! Emma - I believe that Coca Cola does the same?? Jeyes compound was changed recently due to health reasons. Greetings from NZ, I would like to advise all that you can indeed buy Jeyes Fluid from Mitre 10 Mega stores in NZ for steralising your soil in plastic houses etc. It worked! It's easy to do. I'm now gonna try spraying greens and toms with same strength solution as suffered wilt maybe botrytis on Toms. I'm about to use it just before going away for a month. BE CAUTIOUS WITH JEYES - IF IT KILLS ALL THOSE SMALL CREATURES - WILL IT AFFECT YOU IF TAKEN UP IN ANY WAY BY FOOD CROPS. But I reckon they just changed the label to keep it away from plants?? I have a question. Time will tell. Yes all of you Welshies are now outside of the Law as you don't exist!! I keep reading that the original is not available now and also Jeyes will be discontinued by November 2016 here in the uk. ;). IT WILL KILL EARTHWORMS AND OTHER SMALL CREATUES. To this end we do an Extended Programme of applications sent automatically every 8 weeks. What happened to Wales  >:( did it sink or is it floating accross the sea to join USA? Ive heard that a soil drench of Jayes fluid although very diluted is the answer to get rid of them. The soil needs to be warmer than 5° C though as the nematodes will be inactive below this temp. I WOULD NOT USE IT EXCEPT AS A LAST RESORT. Simply click here to return to. Join in and write your own page! Leave planting for 14 days. For years I battled to grow good tomatoes. Simply click here to return to Garden pests and garden diseases. ITS NASTY STUFF AND IS CARCINOGENIC. Any advice will be very gratefully relieved. I worry about my garden frogs ingesting anything that has come into contact with this fluid? Thanks for the message and it all depends how bad the problem is? I have used nematodes and jeyes fluid - do they ever go altogether it's so upsetting how many times do you have to treat them per year."