Besides that, I really enjoyed the meal overall! I loved the textural contrast between the crispy seared top and almost raw remainder of each slice. Le Bernardin's dining experience after covid is just as good as it was before. That way we get to choose our own tasting. On a recent business trip to Manhattan, a good firm client and a corporate Amex burning a hole  in my pocket combined for dinner here. Extremely happy that i was able to secure a reservation easily. The desserts were better than I was expecting and the "egg" made for a fun photo.

The hard working and friendly waitstaff did not go unnoticed. The menu is divided into headings of “Almost raw,” “Barely touched” and “Lightly cooked,” but don’t be fooled, these product-driven items have considerable depth. It was a great experience that I'm glad I tried.

Le Bernardin, Zagat's top pick for 2012, and awarded the Michelin Guide's coveted 3-stars as well as The New York Times' highest rating of 4-stars, has maintained its status of excellence for 20 years and its international acclaim as one of the world's top seafood restaurants. The food here is so wonderful. Thank you for subscribing.

(See pics of the five tasty tidbits including a most flavorful mushroom soup. It has 3 stars from Michelin, and you'll easily see why the minute you sit down.This level of food, service and ambience does not come cheap, but hey, this ain't an Applebee's. The butter served is replaced during the meal. The sea bass and lobster were perfection.I usually skip the bread but tonight I indulged and I'm happy I did. We loved the staff, specially the sommeliers  who were wearing the disk necklace.For a restaurant that is supposed to be the pinnacle of seafood, why does Eric Ripert, whom I admired for years, have to add some kind of stupid sauce to what is supposed to be the best fish you can source? Ambiance is what you'd expect of a 5 star, James Beard award winning, Michelin star, fine dining restaurant. My favorite was the sun-dried tomato focaccia.

Ripert predicts that menus could change as often as weekly, becoming even more seasonal. Learn more. And has more variety/options to choose from. His request was honored and received well.

He was underwhelmed. Opted for the Chef's full tasting menu and a glass of French Burgundy. Of course we did the chef's tasting menu and  wine pairing and it was the best meal of my life. The tuna and foie gras dish is my absolute favorite, unbelievably delicious! (See pics of the five tasty tidbits including a most flavorful mushroom soup. And if you want to talk about value for your money in terms of  entertainment food, I'd stay away. Disappointing. There's caviar, tuna, and red snapper if you want your food served "almost raw"; scallops, sea trout, and lobster if you prefer your dish be "barely touched"; and Dover sole, monkfish, and halibut if you're looking for something "lightly cooked." If you want to splurge, go the Gramercy Tavern. )Service was exceptionally polished and precise.

That's what keeps us coming back. Now onto the main event. There's not one single dish I didn't like. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Nonetheless, it was a memorable experience. There were even American influences such as in the seafood causa with its lime and avocado notes which were particularly refreshing and paired perfectly with all the prevailing textures and flavors.The lobster cappuccino and seafood causa were truly inspired.Finally the signature egg is definitely an important dessert to experience but it was the charred milk ice cream with hibiscus that truly stole our heart. i get it, we all dont want to work all the time but theres an expectation when you choose LBi compare this primarily with my time at alinea. • Seafood, Kampachi sashimi with crushed Niçoise olives, Seared langoustine with balsamic-truffle vinaigrette. "We're going to have to make some very big sacrifices at the beginning," Ripert added. Meet Eric Gestel, the modern French restaurant's lesser-known executive chef. They did complement each other well, but again the flavors were a little predictable.After that came the crab with the curry sauce. There's no TV's but the music is most enjoyable. Similar to the langostine, the crab was well made and delicious, and the curry sauce did bring out a bit more of the crab, but the sauce tasted so expected, as if it came as part of a curry dish from a nice Thai restaurant.The dover sole was pretty straight forward, rather regular crusted almond kind of taste, not particularly remarkable.The salmon was one of the more unique dishes of the night, but even it had still pretty predictable flavors. Raw, slightly touched, slightly cooked, grilled with Japanese charcoal, grilled on one side only and warmed with warm meat stock, crispy skin and scales, boiled and softened, etc. The real star of the show is the food. We called exactly when the reservations opened on Nov 1 to set a date in December when we would be in town. When the definitive history of NYC's dining scene is written, Le Bernardin will have a chapter all to itself. Michelin, the 32-edition world-renowned guide that’s considered the ne plus ultra of the food world, just released its 2020 list for New York City and Westchester County. Men are required to wear a suit jacket.

It remained me of a similar "peach" desert I believe they have created in the past.I cannot wait to return.2020 10 07. I did the Chefs Tasting menu with 8 courses. Between maximising the value from US Airways Dividend Miles (RIP) and availing himself of mistake fares like the Cathay Pacific New Year Deal from Vietnam, he likes to let the deals drive the itinerary. The culinary expertise and marriage of flavors from the crystallized wasabi to my first time experiencing Canadian oysters juxtaposed with East Coast Maine  ones was nothing short of revolutionary. After an amuse bouche and first course that were served way too quickly, the rest of the evening was paced perfectly for us.

After our dessert, we were unexpectedly given a complementary sample dessert plate to finish our experience. It was about a month or so after they first started doing indoor dining again and they had their system down pretty well. Intended on going out for Italian food this evening  but the high Yelp reviews for Le Bernardin and it's proximity to my hotel prompted a change of plans. Bring a credit card with a high limit and expect to pay about $200 per person or more. The ambience falls into the very expensive, softly lit chateau with gigantic flowers vibe. The service, ambience, everything must push the boundaries, and during COVID! I have attached the lounge menu but everything changes seasonally and I will definitely be back for the chef's tasting but so far let me just say it has quickly become my favorite restaurant in the city. The desserts were beautiful to look at and decadent.

Le Bernardin delivers on its reputation as one of New York’s great restaurants. "Of course, we're going to have to adapt — but Le Bernardin is not going to become a bistro when we reopen.". It's only at the best restaurant in the world, however, that you leave with your expectations having been not only met, but exceeded. We were served one plate at a time and the next plate did not come out until both of us were done with our previous plate.

We are going to remember this meal for the rest of our lives. We also ordered a few cocktails which were pretty well made too.The dinner started off with a special selection of small appetizers that were not part of the standard menu. Hard working professional staff. Highly recommend. Overall left feeling very satisfied with a great variety of tastes, where lunch offers a decent bang for your buck.One thing to note is that the seating, while very comfortable, is close enough such that you can quite easily hear another person's conversation if you try. Poaching fish at home is a relatively easy affair—it’s all about knowing how to flavor the poaching liquid. The City Harvest lunch just might be NYC's best kept secret. I especially enjoyed the "apple" dessert - a candied shell, with chocolate stem, around brown butter mouse, surrounding a center of apple compote.

I cant imagine the pressure of maintaining 3 Mich Stars. The food is memorable and consistantly delicious.

We must have had four different staff members interact with us throughout the experience, but they live up to the expectation for service at a fine dining institution.My gf and I got the four course prix fixe. Every day, the skeleton staff whips up hundreds of meals for healthcare workers near the restaurant's Midtown Manhattan location in collaboration with World Central Kitchen, the Jose Andres-founded aid organization. That uncertainty makes it difficult to promise specialties like poached halibut, sautéed Dover sole, yellowfin tuna carpaccio, and striped bass tartare. See all photos from Carissa H. for Le Bernardin. A kind, professional gentleman made our evening memorable. The Cranberry bread, Pumpernickel and French baguette were outstanding. Also I believe that the little cake they served with the tea is a cannelé, a lovely little treat traditionally from Bordeaux. I usually don't eat red meat, but knew from previous visits the filet mignon here just melts in your mouth. Beautiful room.

this type of service is totally acceptable, if not excellent at a cheesecake factory but not for a place that has 3 michelin stars and you spend hundreds per person. As soon as you step inside you are enveloped in a warm embrace. The food, while still really good, lacks a bit of that "WOW" factor I've become used to expecting at the best of the best. Yes dear…", "I came to New York last year and people around me kept saying 'K-one is the best if you want to hang out with friends.' It was beautifully browned on the outside and slightly crunchy whilst the filling was moist and sweet. There was no coat check due to the pandemic, which meant that we were left to hang our coats on the back of our chairs. 10Pm, they close soon but it's still bustling.

The broth though was kind of standard, the same broth you'd get at a nice udon place.

On the night of the closing, chef and co-owner Eric Ripert told Business Insider in a recent phone call, the restaurant employed 180 people.