Nia is independent and able to take care of herself unlike her younger twin brother, Booker.

She doesn't believe him at first until one of Booker's vision of Nia getting hurt comes true.

Female $90 Bloomingdales. Season One: "Baxter's Back" • "Big Trouble in Little Apartment" • "The Baxters Get Bounced" • "The Bearer of Dad News" • "You're Gonna Get It" • "Adventures in Mommy-Sitting" • "Dancing Tween" • "Vending the Rules" • "In-vision of Privacy" • "Fears of a Clown" • "The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson" • "Dream Moms" • "Vest in Show" She is Raven and Devon's daughter and the twin sister of Booker.

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She is even happier when her original plan saves the day.

Nia has been trying to figure out her place and where she belongs ever since she discovered that her twin brother has psychic powers in Baxter's Back. Nia's white striped cropped sweater on Ravens Home.

Makeup, privacy, her own room, fitting in, supporting her friends, Miles Occupation

She is confident in herself. Nia is smart and good in science. Black

It was later confirmed that. Nia feels much better after the talk. Season Two: "The Falcon and the Raven" • "Because" • "Cop To It" • "Weirder Things" • "The Missteps" • "All Sewn Up" • "Oh Father, Where Art Thou?"


"But you just got home. 11-12 (Season 1) 12-13 (Season 2)13-14 (Season 3)14-15 (Season 4)

$55 Nordstrom.

She is a no-nonsense person who believes in facts and science, which makes it difficult for her to believe in psychic abilities. Baxter's Back! Family

A casa di Raven (Raven's Home) è una serie televisiva statunitense sitcom sviluppata da Jed Elinoff e Scott Thomas, trasmessa su Disney Channel negli Stati Uniti il 21 luglio 2017 e dal 16 aprile 2018 in Italia.

Raven's Home I can be "Logi-Gal!". Season Two: "Out of Control" • "Don't Have a Cow" • "Run, Raven, Run" • "Clothes Minded" • "Four's a Crowd" • "Hearts and Minds" • "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind" • "That's So NOT Raven" • "Blue in the Face" • "Spa Day Afternoon" • "Leave it to Diva" • "There Goes the Bride" • "Radio Heads" • "A Goat's Tale" • "He's Got the Power" • "Skunk'd" • "The Dating Shame" • "The Road to Audition" • "The Lying Game" • "Numb and Number" • "My Big Fat Pizza Party" • "Shake, Rattle, and Rae"

While talking to Jared, she threw a banana peel and gets Jared injured and them in big trouble.

She even answers the questions without letting Tess say anything during the interview.

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Chicago, Illinois

Nia discovers she likes Miles for himself, not just for his looks.

A casa di Raven (Raven's Home) è una serie televisiva statunitense sitcom sviluppata da Jed Elinoff e Scott Thomas, trasmessa su Disney Channel negli Stati Uniti il 21 luglio 2017 e dal 16 aprile 2018 in Italia.

Nia Baxter-Carter

Dislikes She is Booker's older twin sister. Nia Baxter-Carter is a main character on the Disney Channel show Raven's Home. During the father-daughter dance, Nia and Tess comfort each other about their absent dads. She is the daughter of Raven Baxter and her ex-husband, Devon Carter, as well as the older twin sister of Booker Baxter. • "Adolessons" • "Close Shave" • "Hoop Streams" • "Slammed" • "On Edge" • "The Story So-Fa" • "In-Shoe-encer" • "Level Up"

Portrayed by Nia didn't believe that Booker was psychic at first but finally believed him when he had a vision with her in it along with it coming true, making her the third person to know about him being psychic.

Feeling lack of privacy and as if she doesn't belong, Nia tries to move out and live with her dad in Big Trouble in Little Apartment but it doesn't work out because Devon gets transferred to Dallas.

In "Because" Nia tries to impress Jared but can't bring herself to impress him so she goes to Tess for help. She lives with her mom, her brother, Chelsea, and Levi. George Washington Carver Community School (8th Grade)

Raven makes it clear that having psychic powers doesn't make them better than her.

La serie è interpretata da Raven-Symoné, Issac Ryan Brown, Navia Robinson, Jason Maybaum, Sky Katz e Anneliese van der Pol. Season Four: "Raven, Sydney and the Man" • "Pin Pals" • "Dues and Don'ts" • "Unhappy Medium" • "Adventures in Boss Sitting" • "Hook Up My Space" • "Driving Miss Lazy" • "Be Prepared" • "Juicer Consequences" • "Sister Act" • "Checkin' Out" • "Fur Better or Worse" • "Mad Hot Cotillion" • "When 6021 Met 4267" • "Soup to Nuts" • "Members Only" • "The Ice Girl Cometh" • "Rae of Sunshine" • "The Dress is Always Greener" • "Teacher's Pet" • "The Way We Were" • "Where There's Smoke", Raven's Home

Chicago However, Booker immediately figures out that she's faking.

He helps her understand that they have a much stronger bond than psychic powers. Appearance

Hair color Il titolo ufficiale viene annunciato il 4 aprile 2017 con una foto del titolo originale. • "The Trouble with Levi" • "Head Over Wheels" • "The Most Interesting Mom in the World" • "Sleevemore Part One: Frozen" • "Sleevemore Part Two: Found" • "Sleevemore Part Three: Future" • "Raven's Home: Remix" • "Switch-or-Treat" • "Just Call Me Vic" • "New Dog, Old Trick" • "It's Your Party and I'll Spy If I Want To" • "Winners and Losers" • "Keepin' It Real" Raven is always supportive of Nia and gives her advice on some topics.

Background information Likes Season 1 Wally (former crush)Jared (former crush)Miles (dated)Timotheé (dated for 3 weeks) Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta l'11 nov 2020 alle 20:00. Occupation

She is self-conscious - she cares a lot about what other people think about her as seen when she puts on makeup to impress other girls and when she refuses to dance so that she doesn't embarrass herself during a school dance. But, she is not psychic.

Home Tess O'Malley, Levi Grayson, Chelsea Grayson, Shannon Reynolds, Wally, Taylor, Dr. Sleevemore, Miles, Sienna (sometimes), Zeena (sometimes) She is Raven and Devon's daughter and the twin sister of Booker.

Age, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, Done Deal Productions, It's Laugh Productions. After failing in a genetics test in Dream Moms, Nia becomes more than ever interested in figuring out why she doesn't have psychic powers like her twin brother.

With Tess's help, she tries to trigger her visions by acting like Booker but it doesn't work out. Student

She and Tess wore makeup to school to impress Shannon, the popular girl.



In "Raven's " Nia helps Booker with his audition for Spitz!

Nia is the daughter of Raven Baxter and Devon Carter. She feels left out as she watches Raven and Booker celebrate as the "psychic duo." After Booker's powers were heard by the school, she questioned Booker why he would do such a thing despite their mom's warnings. Basato sui personaggi creati da Michael Poryes e Susan Sherman, la serie è un sequel/spin-off di Raven,[1][2] il secondo spinoff della serie dopo Cory alla Casa Bianca. Nia's argyle cardigan on Ravens Home. Good

Un anno dopo, esattamente il 27 ottobre 2016, Raven-Symoné conferma a The View che sarebbe tornata a lavorare ad una nuova serie con Disney Channel.

She is very kind as well.

Il 10 maggio 2019, TVLine conferma la data d'uscita prevista negli Stati Uniti per il 17 giugno 2019.

La stagione viene attualmente trasmessa a partire dal 25 giugno 2018.[4].

Student He offers to be there for her no matter what she decides. Nia means "purpose" in Swahili.

However, when Raven puts herself in danger by following clues from Nia's "vision", Nia comes clean and admits that she faked the vision.

Raven's Home: Nia Baxter-Carter • Booker Baxter-Carter • Levi Grayson • Tess O'Malley • Garrett Grayson • Principal Wentworth • Mr. Jablonski • Myrna Jablonski • Paisley • Shannon Reynolds • Coach Spitz • Brenda • Wally • Mitch • Dreamweaver Kema • Jimmy, Crossover Characters: Zack Martin • Cody Martin • Mr. Moseby, Season One: "Mother Dearest" • "Party Animal" • "Test of Friendship" • "Wake Up Victor" • "A Fish Called Raven" • "Smell of Victory" • "Campaign in the Neck" • "Saving Psychic Raven" • "The Parties" • "Ye Olde Dating Game" • "Dissin' Cousins" • "Teach Your Children Well" • "Driven to Insanity" • "A Dog by Any Other Name" • "Saturday Afternoon Fever" • "A Fight at the Opera" • "Psychics Wanted" • "If I Only Had a Job" • "Escape Claus" • "Separation Anxiety" • "To See or Not to See" She is confident in herself.

She eventually sees that she was wrong in doing so in "Eye to Eye" where Tess told her that she wanted her to be in the play.

Season 2 Il 14 novembre 2016 viene confermato che, insieme al ritorno della Symoné, sarebbe tornata anche Anneliese van der Pol e avrebbe rivestito i panni della migliore amica di Raven, Chelsea Daniels.

Resides in Brown $79 Nordstrom.

General Nia Baxter-Carter is a lead character on Raven's Home. Nia and Raven is the Mother-Daughter relationship in Raven's Home.

La serie è interpretata da Raven-Symoné, Issac Ryan Brown, Navia Robinson, Jason Maybaum, Sky Katz e Anneliese van der Pol. Full name Romances Il 10 ottobre 2017, Disney Channel conferma l'arrivo della seconda stagione andata in onda negli Stati Uniti il 25 giugno 2018 e in Italia dal 7 gennaio 2019. Powers and abilities

nia from raven's home Tess is wild and carefree while Nia is responsible and a perfectionist.

Enemies Season Three: "Friend-Ship" • "Lost at Chel-Sea" • "Smoky Flow" • "Twister, Sister" • "Dress to Express" • "Diss Track" • "Disorder in the Court" • "School House Trap" • "Cali Dreams" • "Creepin' It Real" • "Girls Just Wanna Have Phones" • "Friday Night Tights" • "It's Not Easy Being Green" • "Crewed Up" • "Sorry to Father You" • "Bah Humbugged" • "The Foreign Identity" • "What About Your Friends?"