So please continue to laugh, if I’m a clown you're a circus act You're blind and the hate inside your heart clouds your eyes and your mind and your ears when I rhyme Give me the vision to see my demons and beat 'em at night. If I was born in Chung Li's temple I would've turned out a shogun. I'm a midnight toker Best in the game and they call me C. Mak My bad, I forgot you were fragile

B-Eazy is featured on this song and acts as his hype man in between verses.

[Chorus] And I ain't a prophet but I can predict that you’ll never catch happiness till you're the pitcher Do you think I’m not human, have no feelings, or maybe you think I’m fucking weak and now I’m pleading You got one more verse baby Man I hop up out the ride anybody know me I’m taking everyone who passes judgement bitch that’s including

I play my music in the sun

Ohhh man whos that What'd you expect? Maybe you just want to see me 'cause you need some money Top of my class and im so fast so fast [Verse 1] Done killin these fools DJ cut the verse off Say I'm doing you wrong Try to start somethin yall could never catch me Give me the pen and the pad

You're the cutest thing I ever did see What helps you sleep? I forget I spend every waken second on my phone, hahahaha A fuckin joker smoker, taunted by no one. Some people call me Maurice You leave a negative comment not knowing what you sew you will reap Say I'm doing you wrong, doing you wrong

Maybe you think I’m just too good and that I’m fucking cheating?

[Verse 2] Like is like a movie dude I should win an Oscar

I said fuck the fame, y’all can’t take that offer back I get my lovin' on the run Stay on my cake like icing, bite me Then cut back with a message that’s hidden in melody making them think and ask Lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey all the time I don’t wear clothes, but bought this chain and just like you this chain is fake Maybe you just want a picture First line of the lyrics is a reference to the song “Space Cowboy”, from the Brave New World album. I ain't special I forgot that hatred stems from people who hate their own existence I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner I don’t mean to hurt you dude but im your boss now

He was named "2009 king of bass music" by XLR8R Magazine and was featured in the September 2009 issue of The Wire magazine. KSI Reacts To YouTube Rappers On 'The Cosign', Ya, you think you know me 'cause you double tap on picture, I hate the fact that you judge me it’s driving me crazy so when it’s to deep I say fuck it and drown in some liquor, I write these verses in blood I got chapters for days 'cause my heart is my biblical scripture, And I ain't a prophet but I can predict that you’ll never catch happiness till you're the pitcher, She cut a hole in my heart now I fill it with women who love me, You leave a negative comment not knowing what you sew you will reap, Stop saying I don’t believe in God just because you can’t read, Stop making fake profiles so you can spam my feed.
Come and join my circus, I’m recruiting Uhhh huh just sayin were gonna be here for a while baby

I bet you smile when you post thinking you're hurting me, but you see the way the brain works you become what you speak