Lemons love plenty of sun too:), i started my lemon tree from seed, it is very healthy looking, green floiage, new growth, i have had it in a pot for at least 21/2 yrs, and it has not bloomed,, i keep it outside daily from early spring to frost, it gets plenty of sun, and water, i fertlize it every three months, but i have never yet to see a bloom,, what am i doing wrong?? Choose a pot that is 25% bigger than the root ball of the plant. I’ve been using mycorizza every week as advised by the mycorizza seller but I don’t think , after4 months , don’t think I’m growing much roots. Pests like mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids, and scales occasionally attract toward it. It may have had 3 short thin roots. This was an Old-Timer who was “Old” 30 years ago (!) Until the whole seed is exposed. ? And that’s why trees from your local nursery will grow fruit faster and rather quickly. Meyer lemon trees thrive in warm climates, and they’re popular as container-grown plants both outdoors and inside. When ripe, Meyer lemons will be an egg yolk yellow color and slightly soft to the touch. It works! I’m in the process of growing roots right now, then I will plant them. Place the pot on top of the rocks, so humidity will rise up around the plant. If it feels dry, water your plant until you see water run out the bottom of the pot. I’m debating if I should transplant it in a smaller clay pot as it is in a huge outdoor resin pot where I have a collection of other plants I grow in there? Because citrus fruit will only continue to ripen while still on the tree, make sure to wait until it's ripe before picking. E. I started a meyer lemon by seed in a small 4 x 4 pot. ", Step 2: What should I do? Think I will try it. I also just purchase a meyer lemon.

When should I repot them separately? Remove the stick. I’m in NJ before frost time I move my tree in my family room with enough sunlight, Purchased potted Meyer lemon tree may 2017 Started with 3-4 fruit… now 10 nice lemons, I’m planning to Bring the pot indoors in nov. I planted lemon from the seeds , I have 2 that grew from it, they’re still small but doing good. Dwarf lemon trees are frost tolerant and prefer the full sun. Same with my orange tree that grew from seed too. They went into shock you need to take them out and in. You’ll first need to choose a planter large enough to accommodate your growing lemon tree. You might want to give these a try – they are the Jobe’s brand. Repot your lemon tree every couple of years or so at the beginning of spring (in warm climates, winter is the best season). Plant it on a patio, terrace or in indoors, and you will be bestowed by its scented flowers and soft yellow citrus fruits. SELECTING A POT FOR LEMON TREE. 2 boys & 2 girls. Be careful before pruning it, only prune diseased or dead branches because lemon stores excess food in its leaves and too much pruning can result in poor fruit crop. This guide will explain how to grow a lemon tree in a pot using a pre-planted patio lemon tree. Fill the pot partway with potting mixture (ideally one made for citrus trees), remove the tree from its original container, and fluff the roots if they are matted. My lemon tree is still a stick,how do I get it to spread folage.

Let the soil get real dry and than put enough water to soak up the soil. When the tree is potted, there should be at least an inch of room between the soil and the top of the planter or pot. Seller told( of tree) it can grow to a full sized tree. Will these damage the tree? In those days they were looking for immediate results, not necessarily focusing on fruits, but Commercial Nursery Beauty, where the healthy looking plant was what sold. This produced 10 plants. Freezing temperatures kill citrus plants. I have a Myer lemon tree in a large pot for 10 yrs. While you are at the nursery, pick up a 14” pot – plastic works … I have a lemon grown from seed I have had for over 15 years.

Then the Organic Movement had to go ruin it all by educating us on how we could be hurting ourselves and our children with all the poisons we are taking into our systems because of what we fed our plants and what we sprayed on them that killed the baddies right along with the good guys. Some of the lemon’s dwarf varieties are predominant, the Mayor Improved dwarf and Lisbon Ponderosa dwarf, their needs are similar to the lemon tree that is also growing outdoor. Can any one please tell me from where I can get it ? I have 1-2 lemons about 50% yellow When do I pull off fruit?

8-12-inches is the recommended diameter, and the planter should also provide proper drainage for the soil. First few yrs I had a large about of delicious lemons.

Take a seed and use a paper towel to dry it . Varieties that are most suitable for containers are Improved Meyer, Lisbon Lemon, and Dwarf Eureka. I hope to adjust it to natural light and eventually outdoors during the summertime once I think it’s ready :) The tree has branched out by itself about 12″ above the soil and is now budding. Pruning of a lemon tree is best carried out when new growth starts (February-March). The same for mandarin, orange and lemon trees. They are about three years old and no pruning or pinching has been done yet. I use water-soluble NPK fertilizer in all my pots every 2-3 months. The Lemon trees can take up to another 2 years to sprout, and the oranges can take up to 6+ years before they will produce if they were not from a grafted tree and came from a seedling. If you experience cooler weather during the fall and winter months, growing a potted lemon tree indoors is a great way to sustain the plant all year long. We’ll look forward for pictures, share them with us on social networks. It was supported by a stick but the trunk of the tree hasn’t got thicker or stronger. I got a very small grafted treeMeyer lemon tree. I hope this helps.

so he more than likely was referring to Miracle Gro or similar. To give boost feed to your lemon tree, apply a water-soluble fertilizer once in a month in the growing season. You kind of just don’t do it, But rather just be patient. In about two weeks youll see them popping up. Also if they’re growing with other plants that they used to being around keep them together it’s like separating them from their friends and they’re lonely lemon trees are very delicate and spoiled at least mine are how to take very good care of them they are my babies and they’re humongous and they are two years old and I have other ones that are smaller but no lemons yet. Brought it outside in the spring until fall. Not only are they prolific fruit producers, but their showy white blossoms are incredibly fragrant and beautiful.
Im haveing fun with mine.jj. I did buy one myer lemon and left it outdoors this past winter, covered pot with 4″ mulch and cloth during nights. Optimum temperature is around 50°F to 82°F (10°C to 28°C). You can combat this by placing the pot in an area that gets the morning sun and afternoon shade. Need Help? Transplant the Lemon Tree Invest in a moisture/light meter which you insert deep in the pot. What’s the best way to provide light indoors. It gave me one lemon last year but that is it.

Bring the Lemon Tree Indoors Harvest the lemons as they ripen and become slightly soft. You might want to give it a try.


It will grow and fruit best in full sun, though it can survive in a slightly shady spot. I recently also planted from seeds. In a year or two i may be able to share photos of the plant with fruits.

Try repotting it. Care includes finding the ideal location for them: They need at least eight hours a day of direct sunlight, preferably from the southwest direction. I was furtilizing every month & changing soil each year. I give it plenty of sun in summer, I have pruned it to shape, looked terrific but no blooms. I am looking to purchase Meyer Lemon plant for delivery in India. Add enough water to cover the surface but be careful not to oversaturate the soil. Wish me luck.

Enjoyed your article. ", Step 4: I am hoping to get some lemons soon. Look forward to trying out all the information so that possibly my tree will sprout even more lemons. I have grown lemon trees from seeds. Wish me luck & I’ll be praying for all you seed growers. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE❤️??❤️. If you don't have a humid enough spot indoors, fill a tray with rocks and pour water to just below the top of the rocks.

I watered it more and lost even more leaves.

Wish smbody cld help.. If growing a lemon tree indoors, position the pot near a window with ample sunlight, you can also substitute the lack of direct light with artificial grow lights. Great success. Water your lemon only if the meter shows dry on the display.

Don’t give up hope that tree may fruit. I started mine from seeds also. its still in the same pot that I put the seeds in, and seems to be doing well – growing good. Also Read: Growing Cucumbers on a Trellis. Or let the trees keep doing their thing for awhile longer? You can buy this stuff at amazon.com.

I tossed a couple of lemon seeds in a pot around a month ago and now I have 10 tiny plants (2 inches high). Check the top 2-inch layer of soil for dryness before watering. Also Read: Growing Pomegranates in Containers. Hi Abhinaya, Our sincere advice for you and all our readers– Always avoid growing fruit trees from grocery store seeds or seeds you get from fruit pulps because they may not come true and may produce bad and lesser quality fruits, the future plant will not remain healthy too. Wet a paper towel put the seeds in it fold paper towel over the seeds and stick in a zip lock freezer bag put someplace dry for about 2weeks then they should be sprouting little tiny sprouts. It must have grown some since it kept growing after pinching leaves at about 8″ tall. When you grow a lemon tree in a pot, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you feel dampness at your fingertip, wait to water. These worked well for me. It is in a 5 gallon pot, and must be 6′ tall plus.